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Friday, April 28, 2017

Do Full Aesthetic Justice to Your wall Art By proper Placement If your painting is Small or Large here are some practical Tips

Just saw a beautiful wall painting, loved it but could not get a proper view, it was embarrassing to go closer to look at it so...the art was not done full justice! The beauty and charm of the painting some where got lost due to the frame being hung on a higher level .
Art is an special aesthetic experience. It involves all our senses and once the viewer is engrossed in the art, the artist has achieved their aim. But many a times we cannot do justice to a painting and just brush away quickly past it without even giving it a second glance. Sometimes we may have to bend lower, move our head, or lean over the sofa to get a clear view of the details of the painting. Thus we lose interest. Hence it is very important to recognize that placement of paintings is also one of the important aspects in the success of a work.
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Buying painting according to our taste is just one of the aspects of art, and displaying it is another. Purchase has been done but we end up with a large work or sometimes a much smaller work for our wall. 
1)  it is important to select the area for display, the wall color and also the other accessories displayed in the room so that they do not clash with the work before purchase of a piece of art. 
2) If the work has to be hung in the living room consider the height of the sofa set or the other seating arrangements. Too low and it may touch the back of the one seated and will not give a good view. Too high and the viewer may lose interest if they have to stretch much. 
3) For displaying paintings in passages and other rooms consider the usage and what age groups of people are staying there. Children's room having paintings must be at a height where they cannot tamper with the works and also strongly tied and secure with strong thread or twines. Offices which have huge paintings need to be at a level where people passing from there can see the works at eye level. Other wise if hung too high they may pass away without even having a glimpse of the displayed works.
4) Do check the height of display , try out options, sometimes I have seen an artwork loves a corner instead of a centre, and looks happy! 
5) If you need to hang the painting at eye level to do justice to the work of art, try to avoid sharp furniture pieces near your precious art. 

6) Avoid other objects that will take away the attention for your art. Basically choose colours in upholstery and decor that will not mismatch with your wall art.

The level of hanging paintings can make or mar the aesthetic experience given by a painting. Best would be to check the size before purchasing art. One can try placing the work of art at different levels and find the suitable best height for display. There is no hard and fast rule for displaying it all depends on individual tastes and preferences.
What if you end up with a large artwork or a smaller one!
1) If there is space in the room, then go ahead and hang that single large painting! It will look great, avoid all other accessories and show pieces or knick knacks to avoid clutter in the room. Yup, A wall to wall artwork is quite a style statement! 
2) If the painting is small, try to add up some more art alongside to make a beautiful arty wall!
Art brings happiness, interest, excitement and magic in your lives ,add up some original art and make your home spaces happy energy spaces! 
Awesum Day from Rizwana! Don't forget to connect with me on Google, Linked In, Facebook and Twitter!
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Art Scammers recent case What Precautions must you take for Online buying and selling of paintings Artists selling art online read this

The post has come up with a recent discussion of nearly fifteen email conversations of a person who wanted art for his wedding anniversary.It is easy for any artist to think that this is a great offer and innocently artists send their original paintings, just to know that they are not paid later on! With most sales online and more than fifteen years with online art displaying , I have learned quite a lot of internet art selling and buying of paintings. 
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Artists selling art online-
1) too good to be true offers never exist, if some buyer is offering you large amounts for many paintings , do cross check details and always be extra careful with such deals. 
2) In conversations find out the true identity of the buyer, google search helps if the person is well known and has an online identity , which most have today. 
3) Check the ip address, hoax emails and bogus art scams are always and will be on the high with the amounts of money involved with art.
4) Never , never ever send your art without receiving full payment of the artworks. 
5) If you are required to pay any amount before receiving the payment for your paintings, don't do this deal. 
sharing the original scammers case,recently happened with me for online sales of art.
The scammers did just this, the person involved shared his reputed qualification, marine Engineer,  and excitement for surprising his wife with original art for wedding anniversary.Mentioned he was on a ship, travelling and his agent will clear all the cash dealings. Then came another email that he could not transfer amount to his agent due to some reason and that he would pay the added amount of his agent along with original art price and shipping in your name. And, just to my surprise even an email from Pay pal, came with details of the  amount paid to your account , just a small step remaining , you pay this fees, $350 and your total amount will be transferred to your account. Well here comes experience. Pay pal would never send such an email, payments are done with a click and only on confirmation of payment is the deal done. ,check the ip address, that comes in the link above, it is some thing else, not Pay Pal.
Secondly Genuine art buyers, People buying art complete the payment and then share their address for the art to be shipped,and courier agents require phone numbers also. Finally never pay from your pocket for sending your art, take the packing/ shipping charges along with the price of your original art. And if you are asked to pay,w ell think about whether this deal is worth.  So while I stopped the emails, there were no more was a serious art scam...I pity those artists who on the moment of desperation for selling art at a good price may have been lured to shell out money to these art scammers! 
So most important lesson, I always tell new artists, don't make art for money! if it comes well and good, if not find another way to feed your soul for making more art! 

What are the precautions one must take for any purchase of art online? With so much art online, websites, shopping sites and online art galleries springing up, we have loads of art online. The bets advantage is you get a lot of choice, and in your budget range, you can add up some original hand painted art to your decor. The artists you love and are following keep posting new latest paintings and it becomes so easy to buy art online with no hassles, and the art delivered at your doorstep at your time!
Buying paintings online do keep a few points in consideration-
1) Firstly secure your account numbers and bank balance details. Any website or dealer inquiring about your bank details/passwords  may not be the respective person and may hack your bank account after getting your bank details. This is one of the disadvantages of online deals that you do not see the seller. In the excitement of purchasing art you may allow such person to access to your email id and even personal details. Remember the seller has no right to get your personal details and always only share information which is relevant to that particular deal, that is what the professional courier shipping agents require.
2) always be careful,  secure your bank details and avoid discussing details of financial status and bank assets online for any purchase.
3)  In case of any thing fishy, if something seems not so right,  you can always stop and inquire about the artworks of the same artist from another source or directly from the artist.. 
4) The best way , I follow,  it is best to make another account for such financial dealings, buying online. Here you can deposit the amount required for the sale after the deal and the respective seller can access it. 
5) Another  most important point to consider is avoid using credit and other cards for unknown sources, questionable sites that offer heavy discounts on original costly paintings,  on the internet. Hackers may access your account and balance details and this may not be the art dealer but some other person who is online and has access to the website. 
6) If you are not savy with online buying of paintings,  it would be better to purchase art from reputed online galleries and reputed art dealers who are established in this field. They are known in the art field and have set up an website only for the convenience of the buyers. Also they have a set of rules and regulations for online purchase along with the warranty and authentication certificate. The experience is secure for both the artist as well as the art buyers. My recent sale through Saatchiart online gallery successfully completed without any hassles as all the shipping was taken care off by the gallery, with a pick up of art from your home. 
7) Direct money transfer is an easy way to transfer money in account without much effort and safe too.
With years of selling art online, I love my art buyers, they have been so humble and respectful, and never have such hassles of payments come up. It is just simple emails about sometimes rechecking the colors of the artworks or closer look of large canvasses,  an appreciation email after the payment is done clicking from my website button, "buy now" .
Yet life is exciting -  once when I asked a lady buyer for her telephone number along with address, for shipping purposes , of course, the courier people require contact number to deliver the shipment,as they call up the receiver and then deliver the parcel, the lady asked me immediately  with an email, my telephone number....LOL...I said I am online,check all my details on my website!!! Genuine artists who are selling art online need to have their details  online if they want to really sell art online!
So while art is online, I still long for the physical touch hitting the senses with art in an art gallery, but , yes, art is online and art sales are happening/ shooting up online! All the Best from Rizwana!
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