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Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Tips for selection of paintings online

Online art galleries have a wide range of artworks available for sale and the buyer is confused as to which painting to purchase. If the decision of displaying an artwork is done then there are a few important points one must consider before going in for the purchase of paintings online.
1) Budget - most important. As paintings are available in different price ranges it is very necessary to fix an budget price you can comfortably spend on buying art works.
2) How many paintings do you require? do you wish to display on your living room wall an exclusive artwork or you are interested in displaying art in every room of your home. Even corporates need to select paintings  for their offices so they can select artworks or prints according to their budget and number of paintings required.
3) Size of paintings - this is the most important point which is very often overseen by the buyers of artworks and they land up with a huge painting or a very small one. It is most important to see the details of the paintings given on the website before purchasing the artwork.
4) Colour scheme in the painting - Think about the colours used in the paintings and then remember the wall on which it has to be displayed. If they are in harmony or contrast well and good but if there is too much clash with the home interior decor then you will end up feeling restless and your artwork however expensive a painting it may be becomes a misfit on your wall.
5) Reliability of the art gallery - again a very important point to consider before buying paintings online. It is advisable to purchase paintings from a reputed and well known art gallery. Here you buy original artworks and also get authentication certificates signed and dated by the artist.
Other sources may sell artworks at a cheaper rate but you may also be at a risk of purchasing an fake artwork.

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