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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Symbols of the Early Risers - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Before sunrise I have this habit of being quiet, alone in the garden, looking at the sky, feeling the stillness in nature, the fragrances of the jasmine and of course meditating with the rose.The rose flower is very special unique, as it appeals to all our senses. The fragrance so fresh, and the deep layer by layer or petals , very calming and good for focusing.
The majestic eagles very early risers since past , as I notice the pigeons fluttering with the dawn, so also the small humble sparrows twitter and collect food, there is daily a group of black egrets who fly off very early, before the day begins, before sunrise to the destination.The motive , only one in search of food in safety, aplace where there is abundance. I am awe struck to see the different formations they fly in, sometmes it is a 'V' victory, other times they fly in a pattern of huge bird, and even other another time they look like a 'M' or 'W'.
After reaserching on this topic  I have understood that flying in such manenr helps them to save energy and fly togther without much effort. Safety and conserving energy , as high levels the air pressure is too much.Every artist must belong, the group to support, help, encourage, guide each other.
In every other profession we see colleagues guide and refer their fellows, why not artists, we too can refer and guide the buyers to a fellow artist if they are in search of a particular genre of work. As it is if the buyer is not interested in our work we may not sell, maybe someone else may benefit with our reference.The buyers will also feel respected and we all will form a connection to each other which will help all other artists. Portfolio

Monday, October 15, 2012

First do it in your mind! - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio

Creating art is no accident. One famous sculptor was asked how he carved such wonderful statues from block of marble;he replied "nothing", he said "nothing, i did nothing.The statue was already there, I just chiselled away the extra unnecessary marble"

It is so very true that nature has unlimited inspiration and as everya rtist digs deep no one is left empty. But this step first woudl requrie knowledge.. Portfolio

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reiki Symbol Se He Ki meaning and Feng shui Energy

Original Reiki healing Painting by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Heal Complete Body and Spirit original healing painting on oil sketch paper by Healing Artist Raz. symbol "Se He Ki"  is my favorite emotional healing symbol used in all Reiki healing sessions. With the se he ki symbol being written from left to right beginning from top to bottom this is a purification as well as emotional healing symbol.
This is the second symbol used after "Cho Ku Re" and mostly comes up in every healing.This Reiki symbol Se He Ki addresses all emotional aspects of your life. It helps to go deep within your past and karmic issues and helps to bring them on the surface. It is thus mostly referred to as the 'emotional symbol' in reiki. This opens up all your chakras and purifies them with positive energy by removing all the blocks. As we know chakra blocks are responsible for diseases, physical as well as mental and emotional this reiki symbol " Se he ki" addresses all the emotional issues. This helps in releasing repressed feelings and brings them in open with a new understanding. The reiki symbol se he ki helps to accept and gain new means to improve your life.
Se he Ki Reiki symbol used in most of my healing paintings as I love the totality of this Reiki symbol. It forms a complete whole of the self. the top layers represent the self body physical from the womb and the lower hollow semi circle represents the individual inside. This symbol is representative of both the worlds physical and spiritual. It works on the psychic ether level as well as physical levels in transforming problem issues and bring about harmony and peace.
As the Reiki symbol Se He Ki is an emotional symbol its feng shui attributes come to feminine energy.With feminine and masculine energy in feng shui Tao symbol Yin yang we always try to link things and energies into these two forms for better understanding and sue of energy leading to harmony. This symbol used with feminine female energy can create balance and heal adjustment problems in individuals who have too much anger and high emotional energy or mental energy leading to aggression and anger. The reiki symbo, se he ki will help stabilize energy fields and bring about balance and harmony.
This reiki symbol Se he Ki is also used in purification processes and protection purposes. The symbol can be used to purify places, things, pets, plants, business problems, money problems, negativity from other people (neighbours and colleagues), car, house, and in fact anything which the Reiki master puts intentions to. The symbol can be used as many times as the healer is guided by the spirit guides and this amplifies the power of the emotional symbol.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Divine Luck' Painting Oil, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Divine Luck' Painting Oil, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

my latest healing painting Reiki Siechem symbols used along with traditional reiki symbols and sacred geometry
Divine Luck by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

When the student is ready the teacher appears- Reiki Siechem Symbols - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio

"When the student is ready the teacher appears" my reiki and me, playing with symbols, loving them..visualising.. reiki symbols , the process continues..unfolding of new mysteries...the original reiki symbols and then came the non traditional reiki symbols. Another step up the ladder towards enlightenment, a higher level ...have now entered Reiki Seichem symbols and higher.. reiki Sechem . As the Reiki master continues the journey and leading a pure simple clear karmic life the ego begins to quiten and then finally slowly, emerges the true pure soul, a very shy soul who had taken back seat with the dominating ego, it emerges and comes forward as the true essense of the individual.

As I come to terms with my own karmic issues with each life experiences Healing paintings are beginning to show more of reiki symbols. Guided to use some and avoid some symbols. The symbols in themselves do not have any identity, it is the intention of the healer that gives them power and direction. Harth , halu open doors to true acceptance. The 'Cho Ku Rei' has progressed and become "Cho Ku Ret" with movement of clockwise and anti clockwise directions. As I continue there are four different Cho Ku Rei symbols that I love, protection and positivity, glowing in my strengthens the world around us..The writing of Reiki symbols starts from left to right and from top to bottom..look at the symbols , Eef Tchay-open to infinite wisdom, align with God the superior power, Mai ur ma- the heart and gateway to the soul..a symbol of love increases physical confidence, spiritual and emotional aspects and changes each lesson in our life into a positive learning experience.

Best spiritual high going deep into the pyramid of ' Harth' karuna Reiki ..protected loved cared for and confident! develop compassion love for life and what you do, try it , it works!

I wish to make simple colourful understandable healing art.

Take Care and God Bless! Portfolio

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Simple Information on Cho Ku Rei Reiki Power Symbol for healing paintings

The Reiki symbols used in my healing paintings have been used traditionally in all healing processes. As a Reiki Master uses those symbols which they are guided to use, the symbols make their presence during the healing sessions, so also during painting healing art some symbols come easily in the psyche and mind alerts to use them. With few Reiki symbols my favourite I do love the "Cho Ku Rei"Power symbol very much and this is seen in most of my healing paintings.
Cho Ku Rei indicates strength and power.This Reiki symbol is used in most and all healing to increase the power of all other symbols used. It promotes action and movement and hence helps in healing. As the power symbol represents energy , that with a clear focus, direction and purpose, this Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol has many benefits. The intention and positive visualization of the healer is must otherwise they are just lines. This Reiki symbol indicates the power of the whole universe for the purpose intended. Cho Ku Rei literally means'by the Emperors Command' , that means 'what must be shall be".
Used in healing this Reiki power symbol  can work miracles in curing and healing types of illnesses, mental, psychological, physical as well as karmic. My healing paintings  address many issues which include the earth luck as well as heaven luck. Balancing the two worlds , one of physical and other spiritual , leads to complete harmony and prosperity. As all the energy is focussed in the particular place where the symbol is used the Reiki symbol paintings can be used for many purposes.
Healing health problems ,chronic diseases and psychological problems can be healed faster with Reiki along with medical therapy. Children, plants, pets, home, car, property, garden in fact any thing can be healed from your child's study table to your door mat all can be reiki charged to welcome good luck , good health and prosperity.
Magnification of Energy, Original healing painting by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The Cho Ku Rei is written in two forms clockwise and anticlockwise. The clockwise Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol is used to increase focus and power whereas the anticlockwise symbol is used to remove negativity and protect from harmful energies. A very good protection symbol this Reiki traditional symbol is used in all healing and is an important part of Reiki. Healing Reiki paintings will improve the environment. The healing paintings can be programmed for personal purposes according to your problems and issues to be sorted out. Reiki energy will find its place where it is needed most in your life and sort out every aspect of your life.

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