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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Step by Step Reiki Ritual for Clearing off Bad Karma

Reiki or Universal life force can be used to clear off bad karma be it of this present life or maybe some past life. Reiki can be used effectively to clear off bad luck and lead to a life of good health, success and prosperity.
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Reiki Symbol Heal Past Lives Raz

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First of all clear all clutter be it in your room, office and even your mind. By this I mean to remove all unwanted furniture, old objects like old clothes, clocks, and utensils etc which are stored in attic or store rooms and have not been of use since the past five years. When these things have not come in use for the past five years then there is hardly any chance they will be used in future, so just clear them off, either sell them or donate them. 
Start clearing relationships of all negativity. learn to forgive and forget and let bygones be bygones. For this I suggest a ritual that has been effective since many years and is a sure shot to remove blocks from bad karma. Take bath and be fresh and clear your environment and make it relaxing. Try to make some time alone in a private room or corner. Ask your family and friends for some time alone so that you are not disturbed during this ritual. Many people feed poor and give donation and charity to clear off bad karma. But I feel all these options may be one of the ways to clear your bad karma. By bad karma I do not mean you are a bad person or unjust one, it may be block due to past karma or some problem of your past life that may have been carried in your present life, may be you have got an opportunity to clear off your bad karma in this life.
Sit in a relaxed position or lie down, which ever position is comfortable to you. Relax and empty your mind of all thoughts. now begin thinking about your life, birth, parents and family, siblings , friends and all the people who have been a part of your life. they may have given you positive experiences or negative ones, sometimes you may have fought with someone in an unjustified manner, or maybe you had unknowingly hurt someone, go ahead and let your imagination work. Actually these thoughts arise from your spirit guides who will guide you appropriately and let you understand yourself. The universal life force energy will guide you to understand your blocks of energy, problems in progress and other problems arising due to health and other matters. Some relationships gone sour and some new ones which do not work even on trying may be required to clear off and move ahead in your life . Let your emotions come up and try to experience these emotions whether they are of love, anger, hate, fear or compassion.
Now ask the universal energy and life force to help you heal your past and present. Ask forgiveness from all those that matter and those that don't but have touched your life in any manner. It may be that unknowingly you may have blocked some one's progress or hurt them or maybe a past deed done that may hamper your progress today. Repeat in your mind and visualize that all relationships are healed and the people involved have forgiven you and are happy with you. Here the people involved may not even be alive but your forgiveness is complete and you may follow the same procedure at least three times.
Continue giving Reiki to all organs for at least 21 days every morning. set aside at least an hour and give Reiki energy to all body parts. The energy will go where it is required and there is no fear of over dose or under dose. Universal life force is an energy that is free and in abundance and always remember the universe is very forgiving and will heal all your past and present karma.
Complete this ritual and feel relaxed and free from your past bad karma. Once this ritual of healing is complete you will find a new energy and changed personality and a happy you. See how opportunities knock your door and all relationships are healed for good. Some relationships may also be out of your life for good.
God Bless and All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
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