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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Selecting Rainbow Symbolism Paintings Tips What is meaning of Rainbow Aura Simple way How to Observe Auras

Rainbow, symbolizing happiness, hope, feeling of freedom and Awesum connection to the Universe. Whenever I view a Rainbow, its always a magical feeling, the feeling of the vast sky, the Vastness of the Universe and how tiny I am yet connected directly to the Universe forming a whole.
Rainbows in paintings have larger than life symbolic meanings. Artists who paint Rainbows want to express so many emotions and feelings while their rainbows my have the seven colours they are each different paintings always.
Scientifically understood rainbow is a spectrum of light that falls in a particular wave length producing these beautiful colorful glow. Spiritually Rainbows symbolize perfection beauty and spiritual enlightenment.
The Rainbow actually connects the vast sky and the earth,a s it appears to and thus symbolizes  a spiritual cohesion. Divinity, perfection, harmony, Ascension, transformation, The Chinese also believe that rainbows are Dragons connecting their wishes to the Universe.
Symbolic meaning in many cultures is Rainbows are bridges connecting between Earth, humans and the Universe, Heaven.
Feng Shui  Home Window of happiness Acrylic on canvas painting Rizwana Mundewadi
There Celtic beliefs of Pot of Gold, actually was an offspring as these would continue the legacy and not just a symbol of wealth and success. But Yes from childhood and fantasy characters and tales the Pot of gold has its symbolic magical value.
Absolute Colourful Abundance Reiki Symbol modern art on hand made paper Rizwana Mundewadi
When you see a Rainbow it has a lot of symbolic meaning-
1) New perspective to life
2) New opportunities
3) New Ways emerging
4) Are we just with our goals
5) Enlightenment understanding and harmony.
While you buy a rainbow Painting take care for these points-
1) All colors must be bright and  visible
2) Avoid dark muddy rainbows
3) Avoid abrupt incomplete Rainbow images
4) See that the Rainbows painted are in the sky and not on ground, clear vision.
5) Personally connect with an image and only then take the artwork. The rainbow has Yin as well as Yang colours and each one has personal preferences for colors. For some the image of a Colorful rainbow brings bad memories or may make them restless and uncomfortable on viewing. You can choose artworks with all colours of Rainbow for healing energies and not the complete images of Rainbow.
A rainbow Aura is the person has reached an enlightened state. A pure soul, a spiritual being, where you see the light glowing from far away also and in crowd the person shines as light falls upon them. the way of life, the selection of spiritual pathway and trust me these Rainbow Aura people are not just spiritual saints , you can see ordinary people also who lead a simple yet enlightened life glow with an Rainbow Aura. and also this can happen in some states of spiritual meditation or happiness when a person glows with a rainbow aura in a flash and you see it like a miracle and it disappears. It is observed that artists and creative people  do reflect at times when they are painting with extreme abandon and happiness a rainbow aura!
How will you see Aura?

Evening or early morning , dull light, light wall background, make the person sit on a  chair with blank wall of off white colour. Or person at work with white wall background, you try to observe the surroundings pace for a few minutes keeping your focus and mind blank and Bravo you will see the Aura! Different at different states of mind, if the person is healthy it is glowing if sick there is stagnant energy seen and if angry red sparks float out and if sad a dull aura weak one. A happy person will mostly show all colours of rainbow, usually a glowing light above their head and surrounding their body. It is this Aura that healers look up and come to understand health and spiritual blockages in people. Quite an interesting topic! Try to observe Auras!share your experiences!
Absolute Abundance is a colourful Reiki symbol modern healing abstract painting, hand made paper, size is 15x20 inches in acrylics and my latest, made in June 2016.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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