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Monday, March 28, 2016

Stones Rocks Pebbles Symbolism How Many Stones can be used to Decorate Home Choosing Stones and mountain paintings and stone decorations Tips

Stones and pebbles decoration inside the home 
Stones, Rocks, Pebbles,and amazingly beautiful designs and shapes formations with multicolored rocks,  have been used creatively in interior decoration. Colored rocks are not just seen in table tops or water fountains they are now used as wall art, seating arrangements made of rocks and also beds made of solid rocks. We see a lot of coloured rocks and pebbles in all rooms and not just does this bring in earth and mountain energy it also is unique as rocks and pebbles are found in many colours and also they are artificially coloured to bring out great glittering effects and sparkle.   Understanding their Symbolism!  How Many Stones can be used to Decorate Home, is an important question as too much of anything is not good feng shui.
Feng Shui Painting
People love stones and usually mountain energy people are attracted to many different rocks and also many have the hobby to collect rocks and of course they end up bringing wall art with stone theme and images, and sculpture of stones inside their space.
The best part to hang stone paintings and keep stones is northeast and north sector. And while you choose rocks and crystals for healing better to avoid them in large numbers in bedrooms and childrens rooms. Choosing Mountain and stone paintings and stone decorations tips-
1) Do not choose sharp stone images or landscapes with pointed sharp many points, jagged mountain are not good feng shui.
2) Do not choose barren mountain paintings. It represents a down fall and loss of opportunities.
3) Too many Stones in East will prevent growth of any vegetation, symbolically preventing wealth growth. Avoid too many stones in east and south east sectors.
4) Select the stones that you love, as interiors can be decorated with many coloured stones and pebbles but they must not be overwhelming in number.
5)  Stone walls and creative wall art murals must not be more than one or two walls in one room.
6) If you have a main door decorated with coloured stones try to have main door of wood and then use decorations of stones beside this. Avoid sharp uneven stone artworks near the entrance. They produce Shar energy.
7) Stones painted by hand in designs are better than artificial processes used to color stones.
8) Paintings with stones and pebbles are great for north east and can be hung on walls leaving the floor space free.
9) Centre tables with pebbles must not have pointed stones and  especially pointing towards top produces negative energy.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quilts and Bed Covers in Paintings Symbolism of Quilts in Artworks Why artists paint quilts in their paintings

Quilts and bed covers, have been seen in many paintings of artists who paint home decor. Artists fascinated by home interiors make every detail and there are not just furniture items but also quite beautiful details, of table cloths and wall art seen in old famous paintings.        
Quilts symbolize family Heritage, as these were mostly handed over by elders. Quilts painted bring colours, and a homely touch in paintings.  Quilt- A warm bed covering, with padding, typically stitched in designer patterns mostly squares of fabrics stitched together.    

Quilts since ages were also displayed as works of art. Apart from functional purposes quilts are planned and made into beautiful patchwork designs and colourful images of birds, landscapes, cartoon characters birds etc.
Quilts have a lot of symbolism. They are specially made by hand for occasions to gift them on marriages, birth of child, or a family member leaving home for studies or higher pursuits; important life events.
Basically quilts are made from small scrap fabrics stitched together. Wikepedia- traditionally it was considered auspicious for females to make quilts before marriage,, indicating her hard working efforts. Symbols like inetr locking rings was auspicious and two hearts design on quilts was considered as evil omen for married couples. Many techniques in quilting and decorating hand made quilts is a tradition that still continues. Quilting is also a beautiful way to express stories and images termed as pictorial quilts. A friendship quilt is one that has similar blocks of patterns all over the quilt.
Quilts are also made with texts and messages stitched over them or painted after making the quilt. Then they are also presented as a token of honour to respected people with stitched signatures and names.
A Beautiful Life 34x48 inches Canvas Hand painted Quit Design Painting with Chinese and English Words
What did the artist wish to convey by painting quilts? a attachment to home, to traditions, to family. Then also a bonding a close emotional expression of family longing, maybe the artist were lonely alone, and painting quilts in their artworks indicated their connections with their roots. Quilts also indicate heritage and heirlooms, a symbol of wealth, symbol of protection, safety and security. Quilts may also symbolize parts of life stitched together and indicate a difficult childhood or bitter memories.  The artists who painted colorful interiors also added quilts on furniture and beds as a symbol of comfort and lived in homes,, maybe clinging to childhood memories. Of course the interpretations can be many and some are just fascinated by the vibrant colorful patches of cloth stitched together to form a unique beautiful designer quilt! Do share your experiences and why quilts fascinate you!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
Another quilt inspired painting on canvas
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Friday, March 4, 2016

Videos of Paintings On You Tube View Special You Tube Channel for Art Artists and Art techniques Art materials

Videos on You Tube are so amazing, from art lessons to tutorials, to selling art, there are so many beautiful paintings and artists videos on You Tube.
The most happening and used channel You Tube is so easy and the most visited site. Its so easy to subscribe to the Channels we love and get regular updates.
There are also great ways to stop plagiarism as they have  rules to upload original videos. You Tube Videos go viral within seconds if it is what the public wants! What more now they also have Google Analytics and Charts to tap your personal Channel, Videos progress and views. With easy to share buttons You Tube videos can be shared very easily to your friends and followers.
Rays of Cho Ku Rei, Reiki symbol painting (this is SOLD to an art lover from Singapore)
You Tube not only brings a whole lot of artists and art videos but in every field, from Reiki music, to meditation to specific Chakra healing and motivational videos that I loved were of my favorite speaker, Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Just have to enter words you are searching for and loads and loads of specifically selected videos appear for you  to view.
There are so many artists who upload every day on You Tube, either sharing their art, some new technique, their art material selling business and of course some art selling tips.
Another beautiful option on You Tube you can connect with art   material Sellers , reputed brands who have their special You Tube Channels, and know more about their latest art materials and offers.
Thank you You Tube!
In fact today You Tube has become a best friend teacher and Guide, of course after Google! I Love Google! From music videos to instrumental and of course songs, you   can just about enjoy any topic with a click on You Tube!
Paintings have been done again in heaps , in 2016, few large sized but many more smaller, ones I am much more comfortable with paper as a medium, coming towards more simple beauty of symbols, by itself, so beautiful!
Love Grace Harmony Size 6.5x9.5 Inches Collection 
meanwhile enjoy my painting Blooms of Opulence  here on You Tube!
All the Best from Rizwana Mundewadi!

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