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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Floral Paintings and their Significance in Feng Shui

Flowers by Rizwana Mundewadi

As any artist would begin their career by painting from nature even I painted few flower paintings. Nature is our best teacher and everywhere you get loads of inspiration to make new paintings. This painting has been done by using a reference picture of flowers, white lilies and the transformation was magical as this painting still has a special place in my heart and my home. the colours of this painting are soothing and very relaxing and the flowers do come to life. After painting lilies I had painted rose flowers and series of rose paintings with different coloured roses in the year 2000. As these paintings were done on simple A4 size paper there was no pressure about cost of art materials and the result was fabulous.
Water Lillies by Healing Artist

My latest painting has water lilies in water and the use of appropriate colours for flowers and water.This painting is done on canvas and size is 29x19 Inches, year 2011.  I love this artwork as the use of green, especially viridian green and ultramarine blue as well as Prussian blue has made the water come up in attractive way. the water lily is of symbolic importance so as the lotus flowers. In fact it was lotus that was selected to make and I just go with the flow and continue painting , whichever form it takes.
Water Lilies By healing Artist rizwana
In the Tibetan culture lotus is of utmost spiritual significance and as the lotus flower does not grow in Tibet the people have modifications and decorative forms of this flower in their artworks and carvings. The water lilies painted on oil sketch paper , size 13.5x 9.5 Inches.year 2011.
Placement Suggestions for Floral paintings: Flowers are beautiful and can be hung in any place and any direction. hence floral paintings have universal appeal as they are accepted and loved by everyone and of all ages. Usually people hang floral paintings on a wall of their living room in groups or single according to the size of the paintings.
Feng shui significance of floral paintings is that they can be used as cures for helping bring in energy in your life. These floral paintings can be used instead of real flowers to activate career and relationship luck. You can hang paintings of yellow, white or purple blue flowers and also roses in the direction for which you need extra energy. in case of energy blocks in career and relationships or helpful friends corner the white and yellow flower paintings are very good as feng shui  cures to activate this area in your home or office.
You can have these floral painting hung on the west wall for increasing creativity and imagination luck and is very good for people working in creative fields like advertisements and designing. Water Lillies and lotus paintings can be hung in the north and north west corner to activate the water element of your home. Just take care that the painting is not hung in the south or east wall as this painting will have water in it.
While selecting floral paintings consider the colors and appearance of flowers in the painting, they must be fresh and bright colors as this will enliven your room as well as your mood. Muddied water and dried flower paintings must be avoided. In feng shui dried flowers and stale water affects our career and life realtionships adversely.

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