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Thursday, February 2, 2012

What is a Chakra and how many Chakras we have?

Usually whenever a spiritual healer is talking the most common terms they link any disease is to the chakra. What are chakras? A chakra is a funnel shaped structure which is embedded in our aura. In my earlier post I had discussed about aura and now we continue with information regarding chakras.
The function of these chakras is to suck energy from the universe and supply it to the body through the aura. These chakras are always spinning and they move clockwise with high speed, thus forming a colour. Here we see different colours of different chakras according to the speed with which they are moving.
We have seven chakras and their colours are as in the colours of the rainbow. They are located at various parts of our body in our aura and they function to make energy from here thus supplying the same to the individual. If any chakra is unhealthy or clogged it is manifested in form of a disease. A reiki healer will try to locate the weak chakra and offer healing as well as guidance to the individual for healing the sick chakra.
These seven chakras are named as follows-
1) The root chakra- it is a single chakra located at the base of our body in between our legs. It is a very important and most important in every individual. If this chakra is well adjusted we see a healthy, happy and well adjusted individual. And the other is in case of vice versa, that is the individual will be disoriented and weak suffering from regular diseases, physical and mental. This sucks energy and supplies to the whole body so you can understand its importance.
2) Hara chakra or Sex Chakra- another very important chakra. They are two in numbers, one in front of the body and another in the back aura. Dysfunction of this chakra leads to sexual and adjustment problems. Acceptance problems and the persons suffer in any relationship and cannot express love and are usually irritated and lonely. Blockages in these chakra in front and back lead to severe problems as the person may reflect bad health and bad relationships. Usually they store fat and are obese due to this chakra problem.
3) Solar Plexus- A great chakra and very well defined function this chakra has a major role to play in every individual’s life. It is the centre of power and wisdom. Kings and political leaders’ have strong solar plexus chakra. It is also referred to as the personality chakra. A blockage or dysfunction with this chakra leads to power hunger and fear of losing out. Such individuals having good chakra are spiritual and conscious of self. Whereas dysfunction in this chakra leads to feelings of envy, greed and is reflected in body diseases such as acidity, liver problems.
4) The heart chakra- One of my favourite chakras as it is a important chakra, our sole source of existence. Love, feelings, care and all the emotional give and take takes place from this chakra. We all are connected to the universe through our heart chakra and a happy heart chakra leads to spreading goodness and love to all. If this is well balanced you accept the world and yourself as you are and are satisfied and thus are willing to develop strong bonds and relationships with others. Dysfunction of this chakra leads to jealousy, guilt, tension, selfishness, loss of love for others and such dysfunction reflects in the physical form as weakness, cramps, heart and circulatory problems.
5) The throat chakra- A wonderful chakra well defined in its functions. This throat chakra is our connection with the outside world. Our oratory skills and expression in form of words is dependent upon the health of this chakra. A healthy throat chakra is required to be well adjusted and happy whereas problems with this chakra are manifested in forms of speaking lies, fear of speaking and sharing information, not expressing our needs clearly and also the individual regularly suffers form cold, cough and speech problems. Hoarseness, sore throat and stammering are manifested as problems with the throat chakra.
6) The Third eye chakra- This chakra is very bright and glowing in spiritual people and artists. This is the seat for imagination and visualization. A very important chakra this is needed to be clear vision and to understand all mental concepts in reality. Blocks in this chakra lead to disillusionment, confusion, negative thought, and in general an aimless life. Usually all mental problems like schizophrenia, depression and anxiety neurosis as well as panic attacks are a reason of blocked third eye chakra.
7) The Crown Chakra- As the name suggests this chakra is over our head and hence named as the crown chakra. This is a connection to the God and whole universe in general. A happy crown chakra is indicated in a spiritual person and you can see their aura glowing. We see a halo on their heads and this is the crown chakra glowing. In case of dysfunction with this chakra the person is disoriented and does not believe in God.
These seven chakras form the connection from outside to our aura thus giving energy to our body. If they are blocked it will present itself in form of many diseases which will be discussed in my later posts.

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