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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Money Pot of Harmony

Harmony in Elements with Money Luck
This feng shui painting has been made keeping in mind the five elements in nature that is water, earth, fire, wood and metal. As feng shui lays utmost importance on the principles of balancing the five elements in a positive cycle this painting has been especially done using the tai chi symbol. The yin and yang symbolic pot indicates harmony in any space that the painting is hung be it your home or office.
The symbols for the five elements are painted using the feng shui colours for the respective five elements. The painting is also charged with money luck in form of feng shui coins to enhance the metal luck , that is money luck.
Feng shui paintings act as cures for money problems as well as any other problems faced by us in our daily lives and this painting will improve the energy of any area as well as invite wealth and money luck.
This symbolic feng shui painting is done on oil sketch paper and can be framed according to your requirements and feng shui placement suggestions for right placement can also be given.

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