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Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to write symbol Om Aum correctly Symbolism and Understanding of symbol Om Feng shui and Om

Aum, Om, Ohm, Auhm, there are many way we write and pronounce the first sound of the universe according to Hinduism and Buddhism, a beautiful single syllable word, sound, used in meditation and religious rituals.
Modern Aum Water colour on paper

Green Om Razarts

Modern Aum Healing art

Contemporary Aum
In Hinduism it is believed that before the universe began there was  a void, emptiness and with life began the first sound of birth of the universe. It is thus very often used in many healings as it connects to the true nature and self.
Different way Aum Om is written in languages
First curve, deep sleep latent state to the centre of the curve meaning dreaming state active unconscious, to the bigger lower curve of waking state conscious mind.  The semi circle on top with bindu -  mustard seed, fourth state symbolizes reality, absolute consciousness.
The sanskrit symbol represents the four states of consciousness. This is just a symbolic division of the Om for explanation but it has to be written connecting all the parts.

Description and correct way to write Om
1) waking Jagrut- the lower arch of symbol
2) Dreaming swapna-
3) Deep sleep sushupti
4) Transcendental state turiya
5)World of illusion Maya that veils true awareness.
While the Tibetan Bells Drums have the first written word Om in their mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, there is always the sound, symbol in beginning of all Hindu ritual and religious practices.
Tibetan Buddhist Temple Drums
 Basically it is the belief of new beginnings that has brought this beautiful symbol in every space and every occassion. In Reiki the sound of Om is used during meditation practices and chakra awakening and strengthening exercises. And is considered to help heal the heart and open the heart to accept love and divine awareness.
In the form of art, the symbol Aum has been battered a lot. The beautiful symbol has been written in so many different manners, but the sad part is most of the times it is left incomplete. The complete symbol is divided into specific pars and each part has its own symbolism and importance.
Displaying the symbol Om near entrance is for protection and purification. The symbol with its beauty and flowy shape takes the mind to a relaxed state thus dissolving negative energy and neutralizing evil eye. In Hinduism it is a powerful symbol for protection and used in all rituals. Amulets and lockets, pendants of the symbol are worn on body as symbols of protection and strength.
The sound of Aum and mantra when repeated is very soothing and brings the mind to a state of alertness or relaxation as the intentions of the individual. Vibrational sound,  pronunciation and repetition of the sound of Om helps to clear mind, focus and improve concentration, thus also beneficial in academic excellence and improving grades.
Paintings of symbol Aum are symbolic of positive energy and very auspicious to hang near entrances of home and offices and work spaces. Especially in new home with the entry the symbol is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the inmates and considered a lucky gift.
With commercial interest hardly does any one take notice nor is anyone interested with its effect and symbolism, it is just another piece of decoration without any symbolic significance!
Key Chains with wrong written symbol of Aum
Incomplete texts, incorrect script and abnormal shape Om symbols are written with some times important parts missing out.
In feng shui the symbol is used with collection of Trishul and Aum as well as Swastik. The trilogy or triple symbols written together in one feng shui cure act as strong powerful symbols for protection and purification. Whenever you visit a feng shui consultant this is the first feng shui cure you will be handed as protection from evil eyes to be hung near entrances or on main doors. The symbol neutralizes negative energy and protects from poison arrows directed towards your home, office or business spaces.
God Bless and Have a Great 2015!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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