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Monday, June 16, 2014

What to do with Gift Paintings Feng Shui Tips for paintings that have come as gifts

Gifting painting is one of the way to give a personalized and costly gift.  Many business associates, management professionals and rich class prefer to gift a unique original oil painting that represents some symbolism and also is representative of their financial position. People not only are overjoyed with this costly gift but also display them in their homes in special places like living room  as well as bedrooms.
Then comes another aspect on occasions  like getting gifts in marriage for the couple, where people may gift an artwork fort eh happily married couple. Also it will depend upon the relationships the couple has with the person who is gifting them ,that the feng shui will begin the play here.
When to display and when not to display paintings gifts in your home-
Display painting gifts examples of a few good paintings when they are :- 1) Colorful flowers, bouquets, baskets or green plants 2) Landscapes when they are colorful, bright and sunny, not having violent water waves, and flowers or colorful boats 3) Animals that are tamed, looking cute, and soft, lovable emotions depicted,  4) Wealth symbols like money, ships, antique vases, colorful box, jewellery ,  5) Birds that are colorful, happy, moving in one direction, also those that symbolize happiness doves, rooster,  peacock, pigeons, sparrows, etc 6) houses, and boats symbolic prosperity, 7) feng shui paintings for good luck and prosperity wealth career travel etc
Gifting Ideas in Feng Shui
Do Not Display these gifted  paintings even if they are gifts from special people- 1) dried landscapes with sun setting, angry waves landscape, drought and cactus, dark gloomy colored landscape, 2) Angry hungry animals birds, violent ferocious animals, birds that feeding on dirty food and garbage,  animals or birds about to pounce or bite, angry horses about to stomp  3) Broken ruins homes, cracked trees, half figures of body parts or objects, abnormal figure of human body in dark colors, 4) Lonely single people in landscapes, single figures, single objects like candles  especially never hang them in bedroom. 5) religious symbol artworks of God and God Figures, idols, specific religious places, if you or your spouse or not follow or are comfortable please do not hang them.
 These are only a few examples of paintings gifts gone wrong and it is ok if you are not comfortable with some artworks got as gifts , you can store them if they are precious valuable or sell them to an art  lover or if you really can’t do away then store them for later use when you can hang them in very less used areas. Whatever the relationships are of the gifter it is important that you are going to be exposed to the energy from the artwork when you hang these paintings in your home and it will affect you an your family, so take the right decisions.
Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

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