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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Still Life in Red

Still Life in Red by Rizwana Mundewadi
Still life painting has also been an important genre of styles which I have dabbled with. I love painting pots and my painting some how revolve round the themes of pots. I do love the name 'lady with the pots' which is often associated with me and I believe pots are a symbolic representation of storing happiness, wealth and good luck. Trying so very hard to avoid painting pots but they still come up in any form, so might as well accept the label the lady and her pot paintings.
Yes pots symbolise prosperity. They also are a very powerful symbol for fertility and abundance which has inspired me to do many paintings of pots. The cracked pots and the good earth have been some of my favourite artworks.
I enjoyed this painting which was done in the spirit of painting for happiness without any motive or goal. The still life in red has been done using red colour as a strong colour and this is also a very good feng shui tool for inviting fame and recognition if hung in that particular area of your living room or bedroom. You can also enhance your office with this powerful feng shui cure to attract money and good business luck.


  1. I like your idea of motivation for your painting for happiness without motive or goal. One day I will completely feng shui this house. I must de-clutter first! I saw you in a post to Vijaya on facebook. Nice to meet you. (+:

  2. Thanks Kate, yes I really enjoy painting as healing , in the process the art heals me along with leaving a part of me for the world in the form of my paintings.
    Yes feng shui really works,


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