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Monday, February 20, 2012

Landscape Symbolic Paintings by Healing Artist

My earlier artworks bring a smile on my face. I have done few, very few landscape paintings on paper and these works later transformed into symbolic landscapes. I have dabbled in this genre of art and have skipped making more landscapes as lines and symbols calling was more strong. Every artist has to travel the journey of self healing and realisation and only after ten, twenty or thirty years do they get into the mode of true painting. their original style emerges by trying and struggling in their early years with paint, water colours , oils and other mediums. I have painted few landscapes and the sea fascinated me in my early years.
Beautiful Sea Landscape by Rizwana Mundewadi

Fisher women - LandscapePainting
Serene Landscape Sea Shore Painting
Composition in Landscape 

Symbolic Landscape painting
Symbolic Painting by Healing Artist
Romantic Abstract Landscape Painting

Doing geometric abstracts and symbolic paintings has emerged into my unique style of painting and I do swear by my symbols.  Reiki energy and feng shui energy has opened new doors of spirituality to me and which I want to transfer to the world and the universe. the universe has everything in plenty and we just have to tap this potential. Happiness, wealth, good health and prosperity are open to all, we have all gone far away from our true nature and this is creating problems in our lives.
Abstract Spiritual Geometry Painting

Utopia Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
I love landscapes as they give you a very unique and pleasant experience.

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