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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lessons from an Healing Artist

Double Abundance - Symbolic painting by Rizwana
 A symbolic painting is just what come up whenever I sit to paint. The paintings put up in this post are done in the years 2009 and earlier.
Colour Therapy Cold Fire Painting for healing
 Colours can be used effectively for healing and colour therapy is just that. The cold fire in Reiki therapy is used to purify and negativity in form of energy in your home or office as well as your mind. The cold fire will cleanse any negative energy and transform the place or person into attracting positive energy. The painting can be hung in home or office for best healing results from colour therapy.
Charmed Possessions by Rizwana Healing Artist
 One of my favorite paintings and NOT for sale 'Charmed Possessions' is a beautiful painting done on canvas. The colours flow into one another and the golden symbols bring a three dimensional view to this artwork.
Sacred Geometry Painting

Abstract Geometric painting by Rizwana
My small paintings done in the early years of 2000 and 2005 have many geometric shapes. One f the artworks that had received very good comments and I tried my hand in making the same piece on a larger oil sketch paper. The painting can never be copied, not even by me and however much hard I tried to make the same piece I just couldn't!
lesson number one- each painting is unique.So put your maximum for the one painting that is in your hand.
Lesson number two- never try to copy any artwork as I can't, (though there are some fake artist who do just that, wonder if they would have painted their originals they would have made an identity till now!)S I have left the idea of going through old paintings for inspiration and each new painting is always different from my other works.
Lesson three- Paint what you love and what comes easily. Trying my hand on making fine art paintings has led me to some frustration and I have left the desire to make fine art. Let my art be as I am with my symbols and my abstraction! more complex than it seem and still more beautiful!
Lesson Four- Only painting is not enough. I need to sell my artworks for a career in art. Selling a part of me, my soul is put up in each painting, still the fact and truth is that we artists cannot hoard our paintings forever. These artworks when heal others will give me more happiness than I can imagine. Just the though that a part of me will be in many other homes or offices, is great! Share your art.
Lesson Five- keep learning. Do not stand still. Movement is necessary for progress. This is the most important lesson from my life and I have always kept the struggle for identity on. Keeping the art and artist alive with all the pressures and limitations is the best part of my artist journey.
Symbols have come after I have painted lines for years and years. People viewing lines would think they are monotonous and even I was confused with this souls longing for making lines. The lines have transformed into shapes giving meanings to my art. healing and feng shui paintings are my latest artworks and still I do not know how my artist journey will progress. When a new idea will come up and new artworks with loads of energy and love. Healing art is for life and my Reiki paintings with karma symbols heal the past, present and future. The thrill, the excitement with each new artwork and the enthusiasm of each new colorful idea for painting is all that keeps me alive!

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