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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feng Shui Painting for Strengthening Relationships and Good Luck

Relationships and Good Luck feng Shui painting
Fishes have been considered symbols of fertility and good luck. This feng shui painting came up when I tried to make symbolic representation of two fishes swimming in water. Since the works have been made in spiritual influence I do not make exact replicas of any thing seen or observed by the naked eye.  The painting shows two fishes, pairing of anything or object is considered a feng shui cure for improving relationships and along with improving your financial as well as family luck. This feng shui painting has universal uses and can be used as cure for many aspects in your life.
The painting is done on paper and can be hung in your bedroom to invite luck. You can improve marital luck if you are single and if married this will enhance and strengthen your relationship. With metallic colour gold the painting has a bright look with French ultramarine blue and chrome green as prominent colours and we know gold is the ultimate colour in feng shui for attracting money luck.
This symbol is used to promote happiness and good luck and is a representation of the couple facing all odds and ends in their life and still maintaining their relationship. This symbol allows you to flow smoothly through all your life problems and the couple will have a strong bond and healthy relationship.

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