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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Painterly Style Spiritual painting

The Most Delicious Spiritual Fruit- Painting by Rizwana M
Trying out different painting styles over the years this painting 'The Most Delicious Spiritual Fruit' is done in painterly style in the year 2007. The brush was loaded with paint directly and laid in strokes over oil sketch paper. The paint has piled up and I know it takes much much longer for my paintings to dry due to layers of paints. This painting along with few other artworks have been done in painterly style. The joy of painting this was in the theme of very famous artworks was to enjoy the taste, feel and experience of eating the most delicious spiritual fruit.
The colours selected were my favorite ones of french Ultramarine blue, shades of brown and turquoise, the spiritual colour. The theme I know has been dabbled by many artists and this painting is not a copy and it just happened.I can never copy or get influenced by any artwork and I know this is working in both ways, I do only original artworks , but the down side is I never get to open up to learn from others.
Spiritual colours are always seen in many paintings and I have selected brown for grounding in this artwork. Thus creating a balance between heaven and earth and enjoying the most delicious spiritual fruit.
Sometimes I wonder my spirit guides are making me do this by guiding my hands as I really do not remember the choice of paints and colors when I am so involved in the artwork, and only when I finish do I take a look at the final painting.
I also do make the intentions of making a good artwork before beginning to allow my guides to paint through me. Being an healing artist Symbols come up and I have to try hard not to paint symbols every where.When my painting does not have a symbol , it is understood that I have consciously avoided to involve them in some paintings.
The same style is also seen in another painting done ' The Garden Gate' and ' The Fountain of Youth'.

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