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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reiki Symbolic Painting for Healing at Karmic Levels

Deep Healing by Rizwana Mundewadi
This is a symbolic painting which has a powerful reiki symbol. The vibrations and positive vibes can be felt by observing the reiki symbol and a daily dose of this healing will help any individual to come to terms with his past and present.
The painting is very small and done on oil sketch paper using the non traditional reiki symbol. Halu means love truth and beauty. This symbols helps to restore balance and brings about a healing at deeper levels. At the karmic levels this symbol can heal and remove blocks of energy and past negative karma.
This symbol is very good to heal people who have frequent mental and psychic attacks and stress in life. It helps to remove the delusions and face life with new energy.
The best use of this symbol is when you display the painting in a special room be it your puja room or private study or your bedroom where you can see the symbol and absorb its effects daily. The colours used in this healing painting are soothing and will calm the mind of all tensions.
The symbol has to be painted with special directions and strokes have to be in order. With each painting stroke in sequence the halu symbol emits love and healing. It is true that all reiki symbols are very powerful but each reiki master will be comfortable with some of the total symbols. We use few symbols during healing and for special problems there are special symbols. Though it has been said time and again that symbols are not an essential part of reiki healing I do love a few important symbols that come up in every healing sessions for self healing as well as for any healee. I never try hard to bring symbols in my healing sessions but they do come up in my paintings.   

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