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Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration from Kandinsky- The Wheel of Karma Painting

Wassily Kandinsky lived 1866 to 1944 and mad great spiritual art. Kandinsky compositions and themes were very inspiring and even today many artist try to find similarities in their work with Kandinsky. Like kandinsky lived in seclusion and worked alone I think I have the tendency to paint when I am alone. the serene and quietness is very very essential for my spiritual works and when I am disturbed the art gets muddy and trying to hard it does not end in a painting but looks to something similar to an dirty blob. In search of creating new forms and expression in paintings Kandinsky was also an excellent writer. His life has had a great influence on his artworks. 'The Red Spot II' 1921 and 'Around the Circle' 1940 are very inspiring artworks of Kandinsky.  'Several Circles' 1926 is an excellent painting on spiritual geometry and I love and understand why he loved shapes! I am crazy about circles and as a circle represents a whole I am trying to find new meanings of life  from my art. My paintings have evolved from total abstracts to symbolic abstracts and lines are a very important part of all my paintings with a series of line drawings and paintings in the year 2000 and 2001 I have tried to make my lines paintings speak for themselves.
Wheel of karma by rizwana mundewadi the year 2000 when I began painting seriously I got this book of kandinsky to learn more about hi spiritual abstracts. The painting wheel of karma led me to try and understand why I paint and what is this? Just luckily I got this book from an book exhibition and since I was doing total abstracts then I loved this Kandinsky colourful abstracts.
Kandinsky was a spiritual abstract artist and his works are famous around the globe. With the struggles that he faced and in fact all the artists that have left their prints in history I am just not at loss of words how today artists are just bothered about media and selling!
As Kandisnsky was also a great writer The influence is just total. He needed the outlet to express himself and his work. here came the painting on evolution series and the other abstracts which linked me to spiritual geometry. Something about mandala paintings and spiritual geometry and spiritual abstracts I have gone through the journey of more than a decade painting spiritual paintings and symbolic paintings.
Influence from any artist from history is what many artists and critiques mentioned but I didn't realise the meaning and similarity of this. I wanted to make different ART and was, and am still, against learning art. Painting comes naturally to me and when I think and plan I do not create art, it is just an image without 'me' in it.
Still after reading about some famous artists around the globe I think Kandinsky is the most where I belong. The art and the artist all are seen in a part of my paintings. The best part is that I paint what I love and then try to find meanings and similarities. My series on spiritual abstracts and spiritual geometry was self healing and led me to a great art, feng shui paintings in the year 2011.
kandinsky paintings are world famous and are an heirlooms that are giving very good returns and art lovers who have the original paintings of Kandinsky are very lucky today. Hope some of his art creativity brushes upon me and I get the inspiration to be true to my art.

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