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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lotus Symbol Painting for Luck

Lotus Symbol Painting for luck

The lotus is considered one of the most auspicious symbols in any culture. As we Indians use this flower in temples and religious ceremonies in the Buddhist and Tibetan culture this is a very important symbol for enlightenment and peace.
Lotus flowers are very lucky as they grow in dirty and mushy water and the main reason that they grow above the water surface. Its pristine beauty is what has made the lotus the most desirable flower. The symbolic importance of lotus is seen in many Buddhist scriptures and paintings since ages. With Godessess and Buddha sitting on lotus flower paintings the lotus has been seen in many spiritual and symbolic artworks.
As the Tibet climate is not suitable for growing lotus the symbolic representation of this flower is seen in paintings and carvings.
With the eight auspicious symbols in my artworks the lotus painting has spiritual symbolism and importance. This lotus painting is done on oil sketch paper and has symbols for good luck and harmony.
The painting can be hung on any wall in your home or office. Especially in feng shui when we consider the elements and positions for displaying artworks a lotus painting is best in the north west or south west corner of your living room or office.
Displaying a lotus painting in the living room near the entrance is symbolic that the individual has found success after facing many hardships and efforts. And this success in business and finance is due to his hard work. This lotus painting is not like a original lotus flower poster or image and is a designer representation of the flower. 

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