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Monday, February 20, 2012

Spiritual Abstract Paintings by Healing Artist Rizwana

Spiritual Abstract Painting by Rizwana
Untitled Spirtiual Abstract painting
Spiritual geometry and spiritual abstracts have become my second nature.Since years the struggle to understand my art and this journey is going on in understanding shapes and finally I have got the ultimate link with spiritual geometry. healing paintings using symbols as an reiki helaer have given power to my symbols.

Spiritual Geometry Painting by Rizwana
Spiritual painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Spiritual Geometry by Healing Artist

Spiritual Abstract Painting

Cubism in my Paintings
Abstract Painting

Colourful Spiritual Geometry Painting by healing Artist

My spiritual geometry paintings are an important part of my art history and will be special for me. Colourful geometric shapes having powerful meanings and symbolism were a very important part of all my paintings during my early years in art. Influence from artists like Kandinsky, Raza have given new meanings to my art. Finding spiritual meanings from my shapes especially the circle which is one of my favorite shapes and then follows the square.
In feng shui shapes are connected to different elements and now I have learned all this in the year 2010 and 2011.Feng shui paintings have become a very important part of my paintings now and I plan to have many paintings as cures for problems using feng shui principles and my symbols.
Geometry has common shapes of square, circle, rectangle and triangle. Circle represents whole in term of the world, the universe or just as an individual who is complete in balance with nature. The zen circle is a free circle made with a single stroke which now i am practicing as zen paintings are very very difficult to paint. My square is total and as there are four corners it represents a complete form. My squares have evolved into the symbol of octad that is two overlapping circles which is one of my favorites as the octad represents totality and harmony in any environmental. The squares and circles have become an important part of my healing and feng shui paintings. During the early years of my painting I have also dabbled with cubism and this has had a great influence on my art. the cubism movement was a great era and Pablo Picasso the father of cubism has created so many famous artworks.
I did get some good comments on my cubism works and was even encouraged to dabble more in this genre of art. Maybe this can wait and will emerge in my later years in journey with art. I really have this dream of painting a very big painting in this style of cubism. Making these healing artworks gives me happiness and the fact that I have been selected by the universe to spread the healing is great.

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