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Friday, March 2, 2012

Reiki and Feng Shui Paintings for Emotional healing and Mentor Luck

Healing paintings and the use of Reiki symbols in art has made me work and give special meanings to my lines. Symbols are a very powerful tool to create and attract luck, wealth and prosperity. Though all these things are in abundance in the universe , it is we who have to tap this potential. very often even after trying too hard we cannot invite some luck into our lives and it is here that healing paintings come to our rescue.
healing Paintings can help to clear past bad karma or blockage sin karma which hinder our progress in our present lives. Some powerful symbols and their daily exposure will give you the desired push to clear off the blockages in your aura and karma and help to make way for prosperity and good health.

Feng Shui Painting for Inviting Helpful Friends
The most important feng shui luck one can get is for the helpful friends area and as well all know that many successful and wealthy people have got the right friends, or mentors in their lives who have guided or nudged them to move further int he right direction. This painting is done using the principles of feng shui for balancing energy in your home and office and attracting mentor luck. The symbols used are for inviting grace from the universe and attracting helpful friends.
Placement and Hanging suggestions for this feng shui painting: The painting has colours used to activate the feng shui career area and feng shui relationship area of your home. Hang this painting according to the area where you desire to have the energy activated. If you wish to have mentor luck for success in business and job and wealth then the best place to hang this would be in your living room or bedroom in the north or north west direction. You will attract and make new and helpful friends in your life and even in your present job you will attract favorable boss and colleagues.
This feng shui painting is done in the year 2011 on oil sketch paper and is of size 12x8.5 Inches.

Reiki Healing Painting for Emotional and Mental healing
Reiki symbols used in this abstract symbolic healing painting for healing mental and emotional traumas and sufferings of the past. These symbols are a very powerful way to clear off negative thoughts and past bad memories. especially childhood traumas and bitter experiences of abuse. This Reiki healing painting is done on oil sketch paper using oil paints. The size is 12x8.5 Inches and done in the year 2011.
This is a Reiki healing painting done to ask forgiveness from the universe.Once your karma is cleared you will lead a well adjusted and peaceful life ahead. It is also symbolic representation of your wishes to ask for forgiveness from the universe and welcome grace into your life. The powerful Reiki symbol used here in this healing painting will remove all negative energy stopping you from your progress and happiness.
The colours used are earth brown to make grounding of energy and white for purity of symbols. The red coloured symbol along with golden colour gives extra energy to the power for the Reiki symbol. The colour gold is used since ages by artists as this is a royal colour and indicates strength of metal, abundance in wealth  and prosperity.
Daily exposure to these healing  Reiki and feng shui paintings will give you energy and activate positivity. These symbols are also used to remove blocks and negative energy from your home, office and your mind. The whole process of purification takes at least three months and more  and you will see drastic changes in your life.
Suggestion and placement tips for Reiki painting- the prominent color used for grounding are brown and gold. The strength of metal along with grounding of earth colours makes this painting an appropriate cure to hang on your east or south eats wall of your bedroom or living room. These symbolic paintings do not have any negative effects and will work for everyone in the family. The symbols work on intentions of the Reiki master and Healing Artist.
There are never any negative consequences or fear of overdose of these healing paintings.Reiki energy is pure energy from the universe and this energy will go where it is required and heal that part of your life, even when you are not aware of it. I do love my symbols and believe in their power and you too will.

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