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Monday, February 20, 2012

Spiritual Abstract - Symphony in Music painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Symphony in Music -Spiritual abstract painting
One of my line series paintings the lines that begin with a dot and keep extending , I try to give meanings to my dots and lines. The year 2002 saw line paintings and it was such a journey creating these artworks that it still give me immense pleasure on remembering them. The lines and colours would flow easily and the result was spectacular. Forms, shapes and colors all merge to bring out a beautiful artwork and only when I stop do I notice what has come up on my paper.
The two most famous artists that have influenced my artworks since beginning are Kandinsky and Raza. there is instant similarity and also a uniqueness in my art which is an important part of being an healing artist.
In my early painting years I would never think about what I would paint and even till now many things haven't changed. I let my art speak for itself instead of finding meaning I let viewers find the hidden meanings. It feels great to hear the comments when one individual finds a bird or someone brushes upon an angel in my painting. Healing art is just for that reason , to heal the viewer and am very excited to bring this healing art to the world. I am very lucky to have been selected by the universe to fulfill this desire of earth and heaven to create peace and harmony and will try my best to be true to my art.
Healing art is one of the most neglected genres of painting and many people are becoming aware that art can heal. My healing paintings have symbols and usually the lines that were seen in my older artworks have got new and powerful meanings now. the lines are not haphazard and they have a specific direction and aim. Symbols are very powerful lines used in my paintings and I have seen very impressive results from my healing paintings.
The image of harmony in music was done in the year 2002 and is one of the paintings from the series of line paintings.This colourful artwork is done on oil sketch paper one of my favorite mediums for painting which I still love. Doing painting on oil sketch paper gives me the desired freedom to paint anyhow and I know when I am carefree this shows in my art!

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