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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Presentation of Artwork is Very Important How and Why

How and why presentation of artwork is important, very important . Images displayed online do not do justice to our art, especially when we are not so efficient in taking good quality photographs.
Framing forms a major part in presentation of our art. Mounting is one important part that brings out the best beauty in our art.
Viewers also get to see how the art will look when displayed in their home when the art is presented in right form. This is one of the way to present your art online.
Abundance on Red wall

Beautiful Healing of the soul on turquoise wall

Ashtamangala  large sized good luck painting in living room
The artist in me could not rest, our fasting month is going on, busy time with prayers, religious activities,  and this work has been done  at night, took a lot of time than expected,  and got hold of an old painting that was dull and faded, inspirations, thoughts, all poured over the paper without any photographs, I am very bad at copying!
The dream home , a fantasy painting has been  made  in moments of immense happiness, on an oil paper painting,  beauty comes in new ways, without using any photographs as reference. Each element added with utter care and love.  I love old villas and bungalows and their charm is irreplaceable.
My Dream Home by Rizwana Mundewadi

Every fine detail added with thought and involvement with the artwork, dream of my villa home! The fruit trees, the coconut trees, the back garden for vegetables, the stone pavement walkway to the entrance. Then of course,  seating arrangement under the open sky under the beautiful umbrella. The water feature with birds coming for a dip and drink and the colorful floral border to the walkway entrance with red door.
My Dream Home oil on oil sketch paper 9.5x13.5 Inches
The painting has elements from heritage as well as contemporary and modern look. And yes the ball on the lawn making the presence of family being felt, with the tea cups and tea pot as an after tea time moment.  Again taking you to another level past the home to beautifully colored houses, immense Happiness! .
All the Best to me! And sharing  this dream home to you.
Enjoy! Thank you, All the Best from Rizwana!

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