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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Refurbish your Home How to make groups of your artworks How to use Existing large Oil painting

Refurbish your home with grouping art! Grouping of artworks is one option which is very under utilized. People buy paintings and then have to carry off with them for years and years without knowing how to buy another large piece and over years the bestest art piece also sometimes may make you feel dull and boring.
Art  Paintings Collection on wall

A simple option would be to try to group existing artworks or buy small artworks. If you already have existing large paintings you can buy small pieces of similar themes, similar or contrasting colors and add more style. Choose similar artists style work, or you could follow a certain loved color, textures, or go in for contrasting color artwork and group your art in a pattern that makes them appear as a whole large artwork accentuating a single wall of your living room.
Small Sized Spiritual Abstract Painting 4x 6 Inches Oil on oil Sketch paper Year 2013
You can also add some color on your walls to refurbish the wall with texture, glossy finish or new medium and hang the same art, it will look great. Another way to make the same art look new and improve visual appeal.
Large paintings can be grouped by choosing smaller works that can either go on the sides below or above the paintings as a group. A beautiful geometric pattern can also be formed as grouping the paintings by hanging them in a circular shape or triangular shape. Frames are another way to improve the look of your existing costly artwork.
While grouping paintings for display look at the final appearance by going at a distance from the wall and viewing your art work groupings. This will allow you to look at the final product as a complete whole. Assembling small artworks do not go in for too many contrasting color or theme paintings as this will not bring out a good effect. Imagine a water landscape with next one geometric bold colors one with the partner of red fire, and bird sitting on a perch, not only will it mar the visual appeal but also be feng shui incorrect energy.
Grouping Art on Gallery wall

If you love geometry cubism, select smaller pieces of paintings in cubism and group them or go in for plain color field paintings or abstract paintings. Landscapes can also be in so many emotional colors and topics, and you can group them beautifully to convey a feeling or message of happiness on your wall.  Some people would also arrange paintings as in a fairy tale story or inspirational message, thus in literal terms making their art speak volumes! The focal point may be your existing large painting which can form a base to select smaller paintings that fall into similar styles. Thus making your art look larger in size and also give it a new refurbished look.
Joy of Simplicity and Harmony Pot by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Here if you are confused many online art galleries also have art consultants who will guide you for the selection and grouping for your artworks. Or you could also contact the artists and ask for suggestions for which works go bets with their art.
All the Best from Rizwana!

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