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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Very small spaces Creative paintings Choosing art for small spaces great simple tips for buying art from small rooms or offices

Is your living room small or your office space a few square feets and you are in thoughts of how to decorate the space to uplift energy here. Some people now tend to have smaller living rooms if they do not socialize much and allow more space for other rooms. If the space of your living room is small does not mean it has to be plain painted walls.
Circular Happiness 6.5x9.5 Inches

Contemporary Aum 8x11 Inches

Small office spaces need not be dull and boring and as the common fear that adding anything more will make the room appear smaller, try some bold art. Art defines the space and gives a lot of character to your office or home. All furniture and other accessories can revolve around the large sized painting in your home or office. We all know the effect art has on our mind and the environment. Colors will help bring positive energy to your office space and also bring in good business.
Art need not be displayed in a balanced form you can try in abnormal combinations and irregular shapes and see how the arrangement goes wild and makes your business rock. Viewers are immediately grabbed by the large installation of artworks and thus making the small space of your living room or office look larger than life with some great quality original art.
Usually people choose one piece of art and then feel it is fine but many times the work is lost in the small space. Small spaces sometimes need something more to grab attention and improve energy. Even with small spaces go bolder and choose a group of smaller artworks along with a larger one to give more style and your living room is all about your personality and personal tastes.
Have a Great day from Rizwana!

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