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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Symbolism of House Paintings Latest House Paintings for Feng Shui Good Luck and Happiness

Houses, bird houses, flats, villas and bungalows all represents happiness in family and bring a positive energy to your home. Symbols of Houses have always symbolized stability in relationships and also represents beginning of new family. 
Serenity Symbolic Abstract Cubism painting on Canvas

Bungalow Home Painting with Symbols Healing Art by Rizwana(Sold)

Fantasy Home with Pink Vibrations of Love

Green House in Cubism by Rizwana Mundewadi

House in Blue , one of my old paintings on oil sketch paper

House in Cubism My painting on Paper

Childrens Room Painting

We have seen many house painting which were usually inspired by village homes, rural life and huts and mud homes. This brought a connection to the most comfortable and wanted place , a home of your own. People love rural old heritage homes because it takes them back to their childhood memories, or happy family home memories. 
House paintings are best feng shui cures for those who dream of owning a house, and hangings such paintings and viewing them brings out a positive force that helps one to achieve the dream of owning the dream home faster.
Heritage Charm of Old Bungalow Home Contemporary Look Old Home

Wish fulfillment healing paintings help one to describe the actual details one wishes to see in their home and then such paintings help to bring forthe the dream of owning the same. The paintings give out images that one dreams off and helps one to work towards achieving the goals.
Right from sufi saint tombs or mazaars of saints where people still tie little houses for fulfillment of dream of owning a house, the wish fulfillment paintings  work on the brain and bring about a change in the universal energy force that helps to achieve , attract the same into your lives. There are no  miracles the symbols start the process of shifting in energy. They start the process of attracting things and make individuals work towards fulfillment of this dream.
House paintings are a beautiful way to bring happiness and family relationships a priority. Feng shui family and relationship corner benefits immensely by hanging house paintings to attract harmony and peace and happiness in life.
Fantasy Land Home Painting

House paintings  also symbolize wealth and paintings of many houses, contemporary houses or villas and bungalows all represents wealth, status,  style, modern homes and beautiful dream houses.
If property is your business and dealing with selling house then hangings house paintings in wealth and prosperity corner gives a boost to sales. House paintings also can be used to attract wealth as in investment houses. 
Houses on your walls brings about an energy of family, good health, happiness and with symbols they can affect all the elements in your life and attract good luck and wealth. Feng shui wealth element wood can be incorporated as in landscaped gardens and the water element can be added as water features and water fountains , bring in the heaven luck by adding some flying friends and your house painting can be a master plan for success!
One can also add people and children for those who wish to start a new family as happy images attracts the same type of energy. For the couple who wish to begin a family house paintings are a way to attract owning a new home and also starting with the new energy into their lives as in new born. House paintings with bird nests and bird houses also are very auspicious to hang. 
All the Best from Rizwana!

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