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Monday, July 7, 2014

How to choose Inspirational art pieces to improve energy and attract positivity in your home

Interior décor highlights consist of special features that form highlight in the rooms. Especially living rooms are ones where a single item of furniture or artwork is used to create focus, focal point, and what we  call a conversation piece.
Inspirational, motivational, symbolic art can speak volumes about eh living room and the inmates. The personality and character , personal preferences and emotions of the individual can be symbolically represented in that one single piece of large artwork that stands majestically on your living room wall.
Every home individual must take that special time to select a piece of art that represents a part of them. Artworks on your walls can speak volumes about you.  Not only will they give style to your décor but also improve and attract positivity and great energy to your living rooms.
Color Therapy by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Focussed Contemporary Modern healing Art 
A piece which when looked at takes you to another dimension of thoughts, brings a smile to your face or the viewers are tempted to begin a conversation, then the purpose of art is served. Choose an piece of art that has aesthetic appeal and hits many senses at a time.
Symbolic art consists of hidden meanings, open to viewers imaginations, some inspirational, some fantasy, and some just plain different and unique. 
While choosing inspirational art for your living room consider the following tips-
1) Be familiar with the symbolism as you will have to live, converse about the selection. Communicate with the artist about the artwork, understand symbolism, hidden meanings and , point blank meanings, love the work and then choose it.
2) Choose symbolic works in the colors you love. Color therapy is again a very powerful means of displaying symbolism in your living room wall art. If you find the right piece it is great and most works are love at first sight. If you are not you get one made according to your preferences and loved colors.
3) Choose the right size of symbolic art. The meanings and symbolism has to be loved by you as the displayer of art, the right size matters. You can make quiet a statement wall by displaying a large sized symbolic artwork or a group of small pieces each having their own identity.
4) Your emotional response matters a lot. When you are choosing an inspirational work of art it has to hit the heart and mind right with the symbolism in the art. You must be able to get the positivity and energy from viewing such symbolism in the art you choose. This either you communicate with your art broker, art dealer or gallery owners or the artist from where you are about to buy an artwork.
5) For the beginners list down the objects that symbolize growth, prosperity and wealth for you. It may be quite a different one or the same and there are many universal symbols that bring about the  same emotional reaction from viewers. Though here your personal experiences and life will influence what symbols you love. Example red color for some represents danger, for some it is passion and love, and as in feng shui a great color representing fire energy to attract fame.
Have a Great Day and All the Best from Rizwana! For buying these paintings!

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