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Monday, July 28, 2014

Is this love or is this war Horses Facing each other painting Analysis guidelines for hanging choosing horse paintings

Two horses facing each other, painting with two feminine brown mares. Horse paintings are selling like hot cakes as this year 2014 being the Chinese year of horse everyone is about to have a piece of cake, with this energy. Horses are great symbols of strong energy and the right horse painting hung in correct direction can do wonders for your business growth or a wrong placement can bring it to ashes. While buying horse painting they are great for business and wealth luck, people just get a bit carried away and buy a lot of horse paintings to benefit from this energy for all aspects of life.
Feng shui symbolism paintings for attracting marital love luck and bedrooms have been a great choice for people to enhance the marriage area of their bedrooms and activate marital luck. Paintings of pairs help to attract strong love bonding energy here.
Saw this beautiful two horses painting in brown color, the background didn’t appeal me much as it had strong peaks in the mountains, horses in position of facing each other standing and ready to gallop towards each other. And the best part was the couple had hung this in bedroom above bed.
Horses  usually do this before war as also horse usually never seen facing each other with raised postures, unless they are baby horses that play. The postures and positions in the horse painting are unreal and the horses showed emotions as of sadness as well as rage, and one horse was literally looking far away. Also we want to encourage soothing and understanding love between the couple and not animal love! Mountains with strong pointed peaks are not good, and also hanging water in any form above the bed dissociates the energy, as the element water has a strong energy of always moving and flowing anywhere it gets space.
Always buy a horse painting by keeping this in mind that you also are affected by the emotions and postures of the characters in the paintings. And one tips please never hang horses in bedrooms, they are best for living rooms and offices!
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Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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