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Friday, July 4, 2014

How to make your living room look luxurious without spending a fortune on Interior Decoration

Luxurious  living rooms give out an aura of ambience and style. We all love our living rooms as they present our personal tastes and is the most frequently used room in our home. It is an actual representation of who we are, with the objects , furniture and things we display in our living rooms, gives out a deep insight into who we are, and what we love. We all love to have luxurious living rooms that have costly artifacts, large sized paintings and of course original art. For the look it is obvious you will need to spend a lot of money. But following some simple steps can take your living room to another level of ambiance without having to spend a fortune on décor.

Large sized pink crystal
 1) Indulge in good color choices for your walls- Dark colors make your room appear smaller, we all know but good quality luster paint for walls gives out a great look. Today we have a lot of variety in types of wall paints and textures that can give your home another level without spending a fortune. Go with latest trends , follow fashion and choose colors that are in, thus showing off your choices. Teal, lilac, turquoise, oranges, lime greens, vibrant reds, just about any new age color brightens up your living room. Do away with creams, off whites, beige and browns that make our home look of old age era or class.
Modern contemporary design Ceiling light fixtures
2) For the accessories choose bright colors , color that are modern contemporary give your house a modern feel. Cushions, upholstery and furniture has gone tremendous change in matters of style. Fluorescent colors, shocking colors and bold colors today rule the interior décor. You can add extra zing by choosing colorful throw pillows, geometric, embroidered, mirror work, to the  same seating arrangements. Cover your furniture without spending on changing it. Get the same furniture repainted or designer painted.
Luxurious Accessories for living room
3) Choose golden and silver color. Try to add these two elegant and beautiful colors that depict royalty and richness. Gold has always been a  color of position and status symbol and purple gold and silver all add up to increase the style quotient of your living room to a great luxurious level. The same colors can be selected in different shades, rich glossy maroons, chrome viridian greens with deeper color, blues of Prussian and ultramarine cobalt that give fresh sea look and also a spiritual energy, all along with gold look great.   
4) Choose simple yet powerful symbols to display. Golden horses, silver coated wall clocks, shiny sparkling water features, lights- there are immense designs and varieties in types of lighting fixtures and even a single chandelier or wall lighting fixture can take your room to another level of luxury. Gemstones also can be displayed giving the room a sparkle and vibrant energy, in any form, either as crystals , pyramids, or as studded in design on centre table, shelves, drawer knobs, marble studded furniture designs etc .
Golden Buddha
5) Add some original art. Today art has become affordable and even art prints are available in low prices but the beauty of original art can make eyes turn around and the focus of conversation. Hanging one large or small groups of original artworks can add elegance and style to your living room. You can buy some affordable art and hang it in the living room to beautify the space.
The Purple Vase with Pink Anthuriums One of my oil paintings

Awesum Two Sum oil on canvas board my latest art
6) Add some sculpture or pieces of original art either bought from a interior décor store or from artist. Personalized sculptures are art objects give a unique look to your home and immediate raise the style quotient.  
7) Add some plants in great containers. Large sized fancy pots, designer planters and unique shaped plant containers are available that will fit perfectly for your décor and give beauty to your plants and the same greens will start looking royal! If you do not have a green thumb today we so spoilt for choice with such lovely artificial flowers and vases and floral arrangements.
Golden Silver Fancy artificial Flowers
8) Some fragrances are always welcome. Imagine a home where you enter , visit, smelling of heavenly fragrance, you love the space and always remember the ambience. And we have so many air fresheners, space purifiers and fragrant candles, incense, that we can in very little effort change our home into places of fresh energy. Even a variety of natural oils, and sprays are available and with  potpourri the fragrances spread evenly and remain for longer times.
Fragrant candles
9) Add some artwork in wood. Carvings, jail work, partitions, dividers, old chest trunks or any antique objects will immediately take your living room to another level. People opt for elephant shaped centre tables, goodluck symbols carved Tibetan  table, vases in elegant carvings, one piece of work is also sufficient to form a focal point in your living room décor.
With simple objects you can change your living room from an ordinary quiet room to a more luxurious and elite elegant energy room.
 All the Best from Rizwana !

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