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Sunday, March 2, 2014

You have the Right to Choose Art and How Art Heals

You have the right to choose, when we have the right to choose , from sadness to happiness, from black to vibrant colorful, from ugly to beautiful, when faced with the option to choose from dark and light, gloomy bright, dull and fresh, why not select the better half, why not choose happiness.
Art is a form of style, statement, a journey and when we see every artists following a certain way of expression , having favorite topics, themes, subjects and colors , why not choose the best!
I know many famous artworks that have gone breaking records sales have been made in despair and loneliness, emotional turmoils and anger, while I follow the spreading happiness mantra you have always the choice, the choice to chooses happiness over unhappiness.
\Art brings immense emotions, balances the chakras and helps in healing. the mind when viewing an artwork is not just physically connected with the visual image but also connected with all the seven chakras. The five senses engaged in the piece of art, viewing has a whole lot more than just the viewer and the art displayed.
How does art heal?
an healing painting takes you on a personalized journey within. When you view an work of art, the first sense opening up is the visual , eyes, the glance on the colors, the shapes, the symbols, the title of the artwork, and here begins a beautiful journey of long conversations with the painting.
Immense interpretations where one sees a horse speeding another finds faces of recognition, and another just tries to find a deeper spiritual meaning.
Healing takes place on all levels right from physical relaxation to mental , emotional and karmic soothing. There are no rules in art, which is the best part.
Where one artist paints bloody red for expressing anger  another may turn the whole concept of anger into an feng shui energy painting for attracting this fire energy to benefit for fame and recognition. As originally represented green with envy can be totally transformed into a growth and prosperity color.
Symbolism and meanings in art have gone immense transformations and art has been growing globally.
The choice falls upon you as to what you choose. Why do we choose a sweet fruit , a colorful fresh fruit, and clean chair, a colorful cushion, a fragrant flower, in art also we have the right to choose, when already our lives are full of stress, hectic activity, emotional turmoils, the race continues... healing art is aptly the right and best choice today.
Healing art in no way would be splashes of paint over large canvasses. The expectation of looking at  art healing art , the first  image comes in your mind of pastel soft shades, light canvases, it is much much more. Lines , different meaning , communicating lines, dancing lines, speaking conversing  lines, my healing art, happy art.
Healing art is not magic nor it is a religion, it is just plain simple objects , lines in art that help soothe your senses and once the mind is relaxed it will open up new doors to happiness, wealth and prosperity. The simple positive intentions of the human brain has immense possibilities and hidden cures.
The study of feng shui places a lot of importance on the surroundings and environment, and when this is balanced the individual feels happy, and connected with the plan of the universe. Art helps aid success and prosperity when hung in the right place, colors heal, symbols heal, by breaking open barriers of negativity and opening the self to a bright vibrant future.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort.  For everything else there is feng shui and healing art.
All the Best!

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