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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Rainbow Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning Rainbow Bridge the Musical Journey Reiki symbol Healing Painting

Symbols in nature, the rainbow. A beautiful representation of happiness and peace. Here I go into simple explanation of this wonderful symbol The Rainbow.
how often have we been awe struck with the beauty of the rainbow. The innocent happiness and the smile, an unforgettable experience in case you have seen one in reality amongst the hustle bustle of city life! "rains in the sky rainbows in my heart! Rainbows have come up in many of my paintings , never so beautiful as nature, i have always mentioned that we can never imitate  nature, it is too perfect! so also the sacred shape, arches,  of love.
In simple scientific terms it is light at its ultimate level. A combination of all colors, the beautiful colors of the 7 chakras. The seven colors in rainbow are  hardly seen together and at a glance a few colors are seen on a cloudy sunlit sky.Nature's most beautiful symbol, the rainbow.
I have seen this beautiful symbol about two to  three times till date and is one of the most happiest moments. The rainbow always brings happy memories of sighting magical colors in the sky. The aura surrounding the rainbow word, the rainy season, the smell of freshly soaked soil and the beautiful sky above, ...the rainbow connects the earth and the heaven above with this beautiful link.
Rainbow symbolism came up with the painting 'Rainbow Bridge the Musical Journey' a connection with the earth and heaven. Here with the Reiki symbols for connecting the past present and future. 
The history goes back to Gods , and the Rainbow being used as a spiritual bridge.
In the Chinese symbolism the rainbow is symbolized as a two headed dragon, a connector between the heaven and the earth.
Rainbows not only symbolize happiness, but also spirituality and unity.The arches are strong symbols of connecting the universe to the individual and vice versa, to the core, the whole. Rainbows seen in arches shapes and sometimes in plain grounds the rainbow seems complete in a semi circle.
Spiritual shapes and sacred geometry revolve around this beautiful shape and is seen in my early works of cubism year 2002 to 2006.
There is also spiritual beliefs  that on your life journey , a spiritual journey, when the rainbow is sighted it symbolizes new beginnings and transformations and progress. As if being blessed directly from the universe.New opportunities, a new outlook and a new perspective develops. The path of the believer is illuminated and the right path is taken over from the choices in life.
The Rainbow always has a pot of Gold, this tale has been going on since ages and in fact it is true that for the spiritually inclined it sure does lead to an illuminated path of peace  and Harmony, enlightenment. 
When you are spiritually inclined you will surely get this beautiful message from the universe when needed, provided you are open to this.  Next time you are lucky to sight one do think about rainbow bridge symbolism.and Pink Petals Rainbow of Love
Thank You!
Take Care and God Bless!


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