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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Symbolic Paintings and Understanding their Benefits is Very Important

Understanding symbolic healing paintings , their descriptions and their symbolic meanings are very important to understand the process of healing. I have tried to explain the meanings of many symbols on my blog. There are works of art that date well back to Buddhism and Tibetan History and till date we can see strong symbolism in their works of art.
Reiki is a healing technique which not only helps remove energy blocks but also helps to prevent on coming health and karmic issues. When we tap this aspect of healing with these healing symbol paintings , we can help to attract more positive energy.
The most powerful energy symbol acts like a power switch to multiply the powe rof symbols, Cho Ku Rei.
My favourite emotional healing symbol seen in most of my artworks, Se He Ki is a powerful symbol for protection and purification and helps clear all blockages and emotional baggage.  
Then there are the immense other level Reiki symbols which have been used since ages by healers according to the requirements and energy needs of the healee.
Understanding the deeper meaning of symbols is important to understand the effects of the symbols. Symbols may also not be used for healing if they do not come up in the process of healing, but these symbols have been brought forthe for those who have difficulty in visualizing energy flow.
Lines, beautiful lines when form a shape, a unique symbol gets its meaning and identity of its own.
Symbolic paintings can also be customized according to  problem areas in life for healing and positivity.
Being a qualified Reiki Master and also have vast knowledge about Feng Shui.(
every painting is charged with positive energy and healing symbols . A combination of Reiki symbols, Chinese calligraphy and symbolic abstracts with Sacred Geometry is seen in my healing works. The choice of symbols, the colors used and the life aspects that need healing all are combined in the artwork that can benefit to heal.

For ordering a healing painting on canvas or oil sketch paper  one can easily email  me at , The package will also have tips for care of your artworks and the best placement area suggestion for the buyer. 
Always the intentions are most important. Healing can only be achieved if you are willing to let go of your irrational fears and have faith in the life force. Faith can move mountains as it is said and though there may be limitations to our efforts there is no limit to God's Grace!
Thank You and All the Best!

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