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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Universal Applications of Reiki Is Reiki for Me? Answers from Reiki Master

As it is understood that Reiki is a healing force and laying of hands technique of healing. It has been practiced over many years and is a very effective means for healing past and present karma.
Many people feel they do not need Reiki as they are happy and contented.
Think and keep aside some time for self appraisal and one comes to the core of thoughts. Life may seem busy and all members of family happy, financially well settled but still there may be a vacuum in life. Maybe the purpose of your existence is not cured. You may not be satisfied with job but do not know how to break out from the present situation.
 A bad relationship may become a sore and take away your energy. A chronic sickness maybe cold, cough , back pain, migraine and even diseases like cancer and kidney problems. How does Reiki help, in chronic problems as we know there is no cure for cancer?
Reiki does not cure the disease but helps the individual to accept his situation. It gives energy to understand their problem and disease. And all this leads to acceptance of the disease. All problems and frustrations arise because we do not accept our disease. Why me? is the question always nagging us and this leads to more frustration and bitter relationships. Reiki energy helps to accept the situation and the healee feels at ease. In fact the healing of the disease takes place much faster along with medications in any disease.
Reiki energy is for all as it is universal energy. Even small children and pets benefit from this. Plants can also be given Reiki to heal them.
Reiki must not be used as replacement to any medication.
Take Care and God Bless!

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