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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Meaning of Grounding and Reiki by Reiki Master

First and foremost grounding means that energy of individual is balanced. They make right decisions and are visible to the world as well balanced and happy well adjusted individuals. Reiki healers help individuals by guiding them with exercises and healing sessions to balance energies.
In feng shui we refer this to as earth energy. This can be got by being close to earth and nature.
By grounding we feel that these persons are born confident and lucky. No they are not. This confidence and relaxed mode of living has been learned. This requires patience and persistence. Reiki energy is positive energy and will go where ever it is required. The individual who has blocked chakras feels let down, weak and insecure. By using Reiki all the blockages are removed and the person feels grounded again. It is not necessary that the individual has been like that forever. They may be facing certain emotional problems, financial problems or personal problems at that time which leads them to go into depression. Even healthy people benefit from Reiki by becoming more strong emotionally and well grounded.
There are many exercises for grounding energy and a Reiki teacher guides the learner about this first and fore most. Any healer has to be well grounded and still many times when they have healing sessions they themselves also suffer from low times. I have also personally experienced that though the healer is just a channel for transmitting energy sometimes when may at times be  emotionally weak and not grounded the negativity catches the healer and they may fall sick. But still the healer has to continue channeling positive energy from the universe to the people needing it. The healer is only a channel and must not get attached with the patient.
Reiki grounding exercises can be done by anyone and not only those who have problems. Most important is to keep body healthy by doing exercise and have a good and well balanced diet containing fresh vegetables and fruits.
Thank You and All the Best!

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