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Friday, March 28, 2014

Healing Paintings for Hospitals Benefits from the Patients Point of View

Healing Paintings for Hospitals are a great way to facilitate positive energy and imporve the healing of any chronic disease. Even in case of life threatening diseases art has been found to be a facilitator to heal faster and better . healing art is in no way to be used as replacement to medications or modern medicines.
Benefits by Installing Healing Art Sculptures In Hospitals has been observed since ages where the beautiful Mother Mary statue greets the sick and those who require healing. Angels and birds are a common sight as sculptures at entrances and lobbys of hospitals and clinics with the Indian hospitals welcoming health by the statue of Lord Ganesha.
How Healing Paintings in Hospitals Help in Healing Faster, lets see from the view point of the visitors and patients with the Scientific Explanations of Benefits of healing Paintings in Hospitals
1) Uplift spirits, 
2) bring hope 
3) better emotions understanding
4) Stark white walls come alive with vibrant colors.
5) Eye catching, immediately draws attention and focuses our mind to the art. Thus for the time being leaving aside our disease and our problems.
6) Soothing
7) Relaxing
8) Engaging
9) Transfixing
10) Actual means for recovery along with other therapies, with symbols that act upon the mind and auric levels.
11) Even the injured or ill one to accept situations
12) Many senior citizens , maybe lonely express happiness and even have more frequent visits to enjoy the healing art.
From the scientific point of view healing paintings allow the viewer to enter a different field of thinking.  The viewer's mind starts absorbing the images, the colors and the symbols thus relaxing the mind of the problems and sicknesses. Once the mind is neutral energy , being away from the present situation mentally for some time, new ways emerge to solve the problems, and even a better acceptance and opening/ trying for medication is observed.
In simple terms healees feel a detached happiness from their state and are willing to accept medications and thus heal faster mentally and physically.
It is very important that the bare white wall of hospitals and clinics be adorned with healing art to attract energy for healing. Beautiful colors, symbols, and lovely art can change the environment from a serious one to a more soothing relaxing one.
There is sometimes no hope in chronic diseases, such people benefit by learning to accept this and move ahead, accept what God has given them, which cannot be undone,  and this acceptance can lead to miracles and magical cures! HOPE is a very strong powerful word for healing, never take it from anyone.
All the Best!
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