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Friday, November 14, 2014

Are You Lucky Some Healing Explanations for Understanding Luck and How to get Lucky

Are You Lucky Some Healing Explanations for Understanding Luck and How to get Lucky, let us delve into the factors contributing to luck.
Energy is our source of existence and as the energy for sustenance lowers we fall sick and feel tired. We have lower energy levels and also affects our relationships and career. Ki energy is the power source of attracting energy from the universe. As  in Reiki healing the gruesome years of self emotional turmoil , having faced all setbacks we come to an awareness of the working of this universe, our karma. Some luck is attached with us which we cannot change that is our luck, got by birth, and the other earth luck is where there is a wide open opportunity to grow as much as you put effort. Many times sustained effort from our part and sincere effort still does not show us any results and as we feel our energy draining then comes an awareness of the higher force, the universe and how we fit into this plan. When the true self core is healed only then will it live happily and attract all the good things in life. 

No nobody just gets lucky but yes there are some factors that contribute to attract luck and wealth. I always mention that there is no replacement to hard sincere effort for everything else there is feng shui . Hard sincere effort brings your intentions to another very spiritual level where even the universe has to fulfill your wishes as you begin to attract all the good things in life. 
For simple understanding on luck,  explain and understand that we can divide approximately luck into three sections, 33% Heaven luck, 33% Earth luck and 33% Mankind luck that is your efforts. 
Healing involves clearing the blocks and hindrances coming from past action, past lives emotions and incidences that have unknowingly got carried away from some past life and got blocked here. 
We have the Reiki symbol Zonar that works with past live cells , which carry the trauma from previous lives. This powerful symbol helps to work through these issues and release them to heal karma.  Very helpful in cases of child abuse in this life or past this helps to dissolve the unpleasant memories. For cases like instability in job and behavior and frustration anger the person needs symbol for divine balance and connecting to the earth energy which will help them to be stable and make correct decisions with clarity.
Golden Wheel of Dharma Oil Acrylic Healing Painting on Oil Sketch paper by Rizwana

Pot of Love Healing Art by Rizwana A. small painting oil on oil sketch paper
Reiki helps heal past blocks, life issues thus unblocking energies that welcome prosperity, good luck and harmony. Just a few in healing energy symbols, then my most loved favourite, loveliest symbols are Cho Ku Rei, Power symbol,  and Se He Ki , awesum ones for healing all emotional and heart issues.( these you will see in my almost every healing painting)
Feng shui attracts good chi by unlocking energies of the space that is blocked due to proper placement. The important scientific explanation of feng shui is that humans have to live in harmony with elements, and when this happens there is peace and prosperity. understanding the constructive, productive cycle is very important to attract good chi. Sometimes simple changes bring about immense results in life if done correctly and on the right time.
Are You Lucky by Healing Artist Raz
It is not just placing some furniture pieces or some simple feng shui cures, but a whole combination of efforts that will attract good luck. Sincere effort being the most important one as unless there is intent and will there is no success, and if there is a intention to heal you will be guided by the universe for your betterment.
Mankind luck, your efforts. Sincerely trying out and making efforts to attract your goals can show miraculous results, and the best combination is when all these 3 aspects fall in harmony, that is what we call lucky!
Feng Shui Good Luck Pot by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
It is very important that each individual take responsibility of their life and healing. only then can you be lucky!
Here's wishing You
All the Best from Rizwana!


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