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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Healing of the Valleys and Water Element Visit to Munnar and Alleppey Kerala Sweet Fried Banana Recipe

Beaches of Allepey Kerala
Kerala , God's own country, really awesum, beautiful Munnar valleys, mountains of colors,  large expanses of greenery , super chilly climate and misty rains in December, and the breathtaking back waters, that's Kerala!
After the healing energies of mountains and winds from Himachal pradesh, Kullu Manali,  this time visited Kerala, water element, healed! The vast valleys, echo of nature, beautifully dressed up in greens of different shades and the vibrant colorful flowers lining the greens give out immense happiness and out of this world feelings.
Red Vibrant Poinsettia flowers, Christmas tree plants everywhere in Munnar Kerala
 The drive uphill is one task, as the oxygen level reduce, and as the vehicle goes turning steep rounds, the stomach goes churning and also the brain! So the valleys do call , but like we say, just with a pinch of salt!
Canoe Ride Kerala Back waters (no I did not take a ride, just a pose!)

Tea Plantations Munnar Kerala

Valleys of Munnar Kerala Healing Echo of the valleys

Kerala Traditional Dance Form
Beaches not only heal the aura with the strong sunlight glistening over the sands, the sea water also purifies and heals the body and soul.
Munnar Valleys Kerala
 Staying in water is one of the healing aspects of Back waters Kerala. With Shikaras and House boats available for a day or more one can stay in water and enjoy the back waters along side by visiting the rural villages and observe rice fields, fishing, and rural life. The fact that people stay in water, are always by water and live in homes built alongside water. Vastness of back waters is that you see huge expanses of water, covered with water hyacinths and water plants  the water sure is soothing and healing. And what more you can enjoy the fresh cooked fish right in between the backwaters!

House Boat Stay Back Waters Kerala

Back Waters Kerala

Kerala Allepey Back Waters

Awesum View Tea Plantations Munnar Kerala
 Valleys heal the soul and once again coincidence or wishing we were lucky too view the fair in Alleppey (Allapuhza), plants and bulbs, and so many varieties of bananas, so came back loaded with some more of plants!
Kerala Fair Exhibition Allepy
Pazham Pori, Sweet Banana Fried Bhajiyas, another beautiful dish to use Banana fruits that are overflowing in this beautiful Kerala. Tall coconut trees almost anytime loaded with coconuts, found out at a time  one small tree gives 80 to 90 coconuts. Every home has plenty of Banana trees and fruit trees, and loads of vibrant flowering plants. Coconuts and bananas, plenty, Banana chips fried in coconut oil is a specialty and fish dishes cooked in coconut milk as also the famous sambhar and coconut chutneys with idli and dosas. And you get your meals served on banana leaf! each and every piece used.
Recipe for making Sweet banana Fritters, Sweet Bhajiyas with Banana-
1) Maida flour
2) Bananas
3)Jaggery or sugar for taste
4) Oil for frying
5) baking soda if you like fluffy
So while we make potato bhajiyas and onion ones and egg malpuas in kerala we see sweet bhajiyas. Bananas are cut length wise half, long rectangular shapes. Make the batter with mixing flour and some saffron or food color if you like a attractive dish. I think adding a little curd will also help to bring out a tangy taste in this dish. The baking soda added to the batter will make your fritters fluffy and tasty. Pinch of Salt in batter helps to make it more tasty.
Choose good quality bananas and not over ripe ones for this dish.
Let the cut banana pieces dry off a bit and then add to batter for frying.
Important  tip is the consistency of the batter. Neither too  flowy nor too thick.
and the oil has to be real hot, check and then fry these sweet bananas dipped in batter, till golden brown.
Elements, feng shui, and the five basic elements theory, since ages followed by ancient people to heal the soul, when all the elements are healed you get a feeling of  freedom, peace, enlightenment,  along my spiritual journey going one by one, enjoying every bit of this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim,as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals!
Wishing All my blog readers,  my art lovers, my art buyers, my art critics, my wonderful followers,  a Merry Christmas and a Very Very Happy New Year! Enjoy and Have a Great New Year 2015 Ahead!
Wishing you all the Best from Rizwana!

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