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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Paintings for Large Walls Modern Homes with White Walls Art Choosing tips Plain Colors Abstract Color Field Paintings for Contemporary Decor

Plain Colors Abstracts , actually Color Field Paintings are loved by many for Large Walls.  Modern Homes with White Walls need to choose the right type of Art, one that will add up to the level of the interior decor.
Modern homes with large walls have to choose large paintings and your interior decorator would never go against your will in choosing art for your walls. While some prefer colors some feel the elite and enlightened ones who choose white color for walls also love large abstracts in single or monochromatic colors. There are some who love colors and one large painting with abstract vibrant colors does wonders to your home decor and living room status.
Usually people who do not know about art will share that they love single or at most three colors in their art on walls.
Color field paintings , what are termed as plain colors over large expanses of canvas are actually spiritual abstracts done with utmost care and dedication. Color over large spaces makes a strong symbolic statement and is also charged with the energy that emits by viewing the color. As red is considered an energy color, orange is lively and blue is spiritually soothing, each color spread over large canvasses makes a style statement and brings a beautiful energy into your homes.
There are minimum lines, shapes or any other representative objects in the art and no wonder Rothko's abstracts people would stand for hours viewing , ending up crying!
There is also another aspect from the interior decorators point of view in choosing color field paintings. It is very important that art blends or goes along with the other elements of design in your home. Hence art is also chosen to blend with your decor and never over powering and drawing total focus on one aspect of design only.
While choosing art for your modern homes with large white walls the most tricky part is colors in art. Always choose art in the colors that you are comfortable in, as you will be close to this art for years and will be continuously exposed to viewing it day and night.
Remember turquoise is a quiet color, so if you are social this will make your living room energy quiet. If you want a peaceful relaxing environment at home large expanses of red will make you uncomfortable. So also black will draw strong attention and light shades will not do any thing much to the energy of your room.
Spiritual Elegance by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
You can choose art following feng shui principles and color therapy. Healing art can uplift energy in your home as well as add elegance to your home decor.
Chocolatey Healing Art Limited Collection

Develop Love and Compassion Reiki Healing art

Healing Flowers

Celadon Limited Collection

Understanding color symbolism helps a lot in choosing large color field paintings for modern homes. White walls are a boon to interior decorators and clientele as it is win win situation for everyone, the client, the interior decorator and the artists! just about any color goes well on white walls!
soothing, bold, vibrant, subtle, or multi colored!

All the Best from Rizwana!

Thank you for coming by razarts!
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