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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to display correctly the Yin Yang Symbol, Direction Understanding and Yin Yang Symbolism in Life

 Yin Yang symbol having universal appeal is one of the commonest seen and used symbols in every culture. Be it the East or the West all people are familiar with this symbol and its symbolic sanctity is also understood by all. There is a deep meaning in this unique symbol which is never mentioned any where and as my spiritual journey carries forward I have been using this yin yang symbol extensively in my healing and feng shui paintings.
Oil on Canvas Yin Yang by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The yin yang Tao symbol has been used to project harmony, a balance of positive and negative; white and black; dark and light; day and night; In fact 'chi' or the basic energy life force in feng shui is also having two constituents, that is heaven and earth. The two symbols unite to make a whole, which look like tad poles attached in opposite direction , together to make a complete whole. Usually the yin yang symbol is seen in black and white with two holes in each shape. The two holes represent that each is incomplete without the other. Basically it can also be said that the two are male and female , extrovert and introvert and there are many attributes in nature that, though being opposite,  are all in harmony.
Complete Happiness by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
wrong way to display

Yin Yang by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
right way to display
Opposite forces are required for balance and one cannot exist without the other. The black is yin or dark energy and the white, yang indicates light force. Two are merged in form of circle , where we see that the yin has a bit of yang and the yang has a bit of yin, indicating that both are merged together to form a complete whole. The dark part of yin always has to face downwards and the yin has to create a force that rises upwards. When this is in balance then we see peace, harmony, good health and an enriching environment that leads to a successful life.

Oil paintings are a easy way to balance your environment of any imbalances created by natural or man made reasons. In cases of imbalance such symbolic healing paintings help to enrich your environment and create positive chi in your home and office. This symbol is a very powerful symbol and when the intentions of the healer are put up the same art work acts as a feng shui cure and can heal.
The beautiful harmony symbol of Yin and Yang has been projected in art as with many colors, forms and images. Where we see a floral Yin Yang we see a geometric Yin Yang and also one in red, blue , orange or absolutely white.

Total Luck , Feng Shui Pot of Gold by Rizwana Mundewadi oil on paper
What many don't understand that the way it is displayed projects that type of energy in your environment. The black , often the Yin has to face down, as it projects energy down wards. White the positive energy Yang has to point upwards.
Then we see the full Tao symbol in white, it does not heal in any way except that may also create imbalance with only yang energy. As we know where there is Yang so also must be the Yin for happiness, health and prosperity.
Then there are two holes, which again are very important as it indicates that they merge, connect and flow into each other. This again indicates that they are in harmony.One has to inter connect with the other for perfect energy and harmony.
Too much Yin in environment drains energy and makes one lethargic and less motivated. Whereas too much Yang too will drain your energy as you will not be able to relax and thus maybe also become less productive as a result of over working. 
The beautiful symbol is a very good feng shui energy symbol to attract harmony in life and a great prosperity symbol.
Hope this helps. God Bless from Rizwana!
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