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Monday, December 15, 2014

How to choose frames for paintings How framing of art can create shar energy Feng Shui mistakes in framing art

Frame for a painting is like a designer apparel dressing up your beautiful  body. When we buy paintings from a gallery or artist, usually they may or may not be framed. Every painting has its own identity and the frame either compliments it or contrasts the beauty of the artwork.
Things can go totally wrong or totally awesum by the correct choice of frame for your artwork.
It is here that the reliable framer and understanding one helps a lot. Usually the artist also may have clear ideas of which frame would go best with their art.
Go to any framer and we see loads of choices and of course in loads of budgets! Right from the humble wood colored acrylic (that falls cheaper) to the majestic teak wood  frames that last for a life time. Some simple mistakes in framing your art can create shar energy and spread negativity in your space.
You can apply feng shui and choose a metal frame for north and north west. A wooden frame activating the east and south east sector along with your feng shui  healing painting.
Wrong choices of frame can give so many absurd looks  to your art, read here-
1) Black and white art if chosen with a bold colored red or maroon frame will mar the total effects of elegance from your beautiful black and white art. Do not choose a mount of different color as off white mounts too will spoil the beauty of pure white in  painting. Sometimes purple goes, but try out keeping the artwork on side and see the appearance  first. Go with one color from the artwork.
2) Most important shar energy comes from pointed corners of frames. Touch the frames when ready before hanging , they must not hurt by touch.touch. Other wise every time some one passes or sits near they may get hurt or get a tear in clothes, which will not be such a good feeling with your art, and actually the frame is to be blamed!
3) Colorful art goes best with dark maroon, black and brown frames. Grey or light brown colored frames will not give body too your art,
4) Go bold with multi colored frames in acrylic,  and different colored mountings, it will give your art a modern look. But choose according to your personal instincts,  likes and preferences always.
5) Even if you have purchased a small sized costly painting, here you can add large sized mount and frame to increase the size of your artwork. Learn this visual  trick for buying costly art.
6) Go for modern contemporary frames, to go well with your modern decor. Now we see a lot of variations today, acrylic mounts, two three tier frames, paintings hanging on metal hooks that give the art a three dimensional look. it will really uplift the energy of your wall art!
Golden Home of Happiness Black Frame

Beautiful Healing of the Soul Reiki Painting 

7) Preferably for all frames choose glass protective covering for your precious artworks. This helps protect your paintings from environmental hazards. This way you protect textured and other type of paintings and also avoid getting scratched and hurt or others getting scratched.
8) Most important feng shui mistakes in hanging framed artwork, it is either hung too low or too high. Both cases produce shar energy. In some way or other your art will not give you the desired emotional feeling  if not properly hung at correct level. Too low you risk hitting or disturbing the framed painting with every one sitting under and too high there is risk of nobody giving a second look to your art!
All artworks and wall paintings feel great when put up following feng shui element principles and you too feel great! Specially with my Reiki and feng shui healing art I feel the proper feng shui placement is necessary to get the maximum results from your own healing art.
God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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