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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Full Black and white Home décor Symbolism choosing Only Black and White artwork Tips and Feng Shui Best placement for Black White Art

Black and white decor, loved by many, and symbolizes peace, status and sends out vibes of positive energy. You see a lot of people love white and black, decor, as in walls and furniture as well as wall art.
First let us understand the energy of these two colors. Black and white decor concept has come from the Tao symbol Yin and Yang. The Tibetan symbol is always used to attract peace, harmony and luck. Yin the dark strong pulling down energy is the color black and the uplifting white that is Yang energy.
White is used in healing to drive out negative energy and represents a pure aura that is all colors in harmony become white. Thus white is actually all the colors of the spectrum in balance.
Black has a strong presence and appeal and many people opt for wall art in black and white as it brings out style and elegance in the space. People when they choose a black Mercedes car indicate style and status. The same works in home decor.
'Untitled' Crayons and Water Color by RizwanaA.Mundewadi
When you decide to opt for a two color theme in your home or office decor or wall art do consider the following points-
1) Its nice to be among two colored furniture for few months but over years it gives and energy of looking bland and this reflects in your personal as well as professional life.
2) Home and office  feng shui energy must be a balance between soothing and energy colors to attract good luck and harmony.
3) Black used too much in home decor sometimes seems over whelming and makes the person feel uncomfortable.
4) As an healing energy color black will drain your personal energy if you are surrounded by all black for too long, try it.
5) All white will become boring and also again tax on your personal chi. Individual exposed to strong white feels  strong energy and will not be able to rest, or be in a state of disillusionment if exposed for years.
6) Black and white Wall art on white walls looks great for few months but not more. As per energy rules for your personal an family health always add some color to your home decor.
7) Large pieces of black and white wall art if hung in the south can mar the whole feng shui fire energy affecting the energy to work and also the fame and recognition in your life. Black color represents feng shui wealth,  water element and if hung in south will dissolve and put off the desire to work.
No doubt black and white are two lovely yin yang colors that attract harmony and balance but try to have accessories, cushions, ,flower vases, sculptures or any other artifacts knick knacks in some other colors to balance the chi around and keep the energy attractive. Throw some orange, some vibrant red, some pinks and some metallic golds and silver, they go great with black and white decor. If you want it toned down go in for soft peach, beige, soothing yellow and earthy colors. Then the beautiful lilacs, and turquoise teal also go very well with black and  white decor.
Untitled lines, Water color paintings of year 2002

Untitled Water color in white room
Best feng shui placement for black and white wall art is north, north west, west directions. These areas are corresponding to the element water and the feng shui colors for the corresponding elements is white, black, metallic silver , dark blue, and any metallic color represents wealth, money.
I did look up Google and yes some people do opt for black decor, black walls and white and black wall art! One wall black, with black and white wall art sure will attract the right glances!the right ambience!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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