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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Understanding the Artist behind the Healing Art

When you meet an artist how do you feel? it is understood that your buyers will want to connect with you, understand your art and some where when they are able to relate to your art only then will the want to make your art an important part of their life. I know talking about selling is a no no, still in our industry and as I discuss this I am too faced with this dilemma of parting with a part of myself.
Let us consider a few thoughts in this direction from a buyers point of view. How you present yourself is very important and how you present your art is still more important. Does not mean you go on and on chattering about how you did your painting, what you saw, what motivated you and how you proceeded to collect paints and , or you just wait for the viewer to ask?
Making beautiful , colourful art is one thing and thinking about selling your art is totally a different thing. I find it so difficult to talk about my art but when I write the words just keep pouring. Is destiny for an artist set, making a landmark in the history of art, do not feel like selling, as I know the money will not make any thing different in my life. Just give me canvas and paints and leave me in solitude, I choose the quiet as many great creations have taken place in silence.
My art has to reach out, my symbols like my babies need to travel abroad and find good homes, I need to be able to help people through my symbols, this will be my best gift. I would be the happiest mother to see my art displayed in many homes and that which brightens up their homes and brings them happiness and prosperity. Oh, how happy I would be to hear the success stories and the sorted out lives where the symbols have healed the past and present karma of people.
Ego is the one that creates all problems, the soul is always beautiful and peaceful. After getting so many no's from Indian galleries, abroad has given me so much encouragement and I really thank these people who have helped me to put up my art online. The day has to begin and end with thanks giving always.
Healing Reiki Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
Oil Painting on Oil Sketch Paper, year 2009. 13.5x19.5 Inches. Symbols used for Cho Ku Rei, reiki symbol 'power switch'or 'put the power here' with enlightenment, double happiness and the purification symbol  Sei Hei Ki or purfication symbol to purify the environment and heal the aura.
Reiki symbols and all my symbols are losing their importance in my life as I am using them less and less for personal use. The cho ku rei and the sei-he-ki symbols still come up during cleansing and purification as well as grounding exercises taught from my teacher , some quiet time with exercise and meditation is necessary to ward off negativity.
My symbols displayed in my home have been of great help in healing my past and my present and I wish the same for the whole world. Sending healing for the mother earth. I wish to make simple, colourful, understandable art and whatever the critiques say I will keep making healing art.
It is appropriate for you to ask how my symbols work, whether they do work at all or how can symbols heal?
 I connect with the whole world as I am an important part of this whole universe and though I may be a speck in this divine design I am an important part without which the divine design would not be complete.

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