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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Most powerful Symbol for Good Luck and Prosperity, Ashtamangala Oil painting

Finally after painting symbols for many paintings each powerful symbol from the eight auspicious symbols in Tibet Buddhism the ultimate powerful symbol , all together eight, enlightened and came upon in my paintings.  The symbols have been an important part of my life and my paintings and as they communicate with me so do they attract viewers from all around who require the specific healing. They will find their rightful place in the world and reach the soul that requires their healing the most.

Ashtamangala Painting in Oil on paper
 !9x24 Inches Oil on Oil sketch paper, year 2010. The above image is of the most powerful symbol for good luck and prosperity having the eight auspicious symbols. The painting has been varnished to make it shine on itself.

This oil painting of Ashtamangala is done on canvas using oil paints. Size 45x34 Inches
Ashtamangala Oil Painting on canvas by Healing Artist Raz

The power of symbols and their working as healing medium are very effective and this beautiful painting will keep healing everyone and everywhere it is put up. Not only will the environment it is hung become purified and charged with positive energy and good luck but also all the problems in your personal as well as career will be solved by getting healing vibrations from this powerful Ashtamangala oil painting.
The best place to hang this painting is on your south wall in your living room. Though the painting can be hung on nay place where you will be more exposed to the healing everyday the best place for this oil painting is on your south wall.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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