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Monday, April 30, 2012

Meerabai Eternal - Pen Drawings

My first attempt at making a video right from my heart. The pen drawings came up while organizing all my paintings done since the past 12 years. From my line series to my spiritual abstracts and sacred geometry all stacked up neatly arranged into separate folders, The inspiration relates to past years when I was inspired by the true love epic of meerabai and her true spiritual love for God. People  termed her insane when she left her riches and selected the life of a wanderer.
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She refused to lead the same life as others from her family following the same rituals and the same superficial life style. Her leaving all the riches and selecting the simple life in way of God, praising him, singing for him..she has made a name in history for true spiritual love and I think this is some what so similar to sufism, that is true love for God. In Hinduism people  sing for the praise of God are termed as Bhajans, Praises are sung by sufi singers which are termed as sufiyanas..which leads me to another inspiration.. sufism is a vast genre of music and this has been on my mind for long, guess after  Buddhism symbols and feng shui paintings maybe this would follow..
Pen Drawings year 2001, 21 drawings in this series done on  8x10 Inches size paper.


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