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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Understanding Reiki Ki Energy Oil Painting on Oil Sketch Paper

Ki Energy Painting on paper by Rizwana Mundewadi
Energy is our source of existence and as the energy for sustenance lowers we fall sick and feel tired. We have lower energy levels and also affects our relationships and career. Ki energy is the power source of attracting energy from the universe. As I have studied in Reiki the gruesome years of self training, the sacrifices, the trials and the emotional turmoil , having faced all setbacks we come to an awareness of the working of this universe, our karma. Some luck is attached with us which we cannot change that is our birth luck, the heaven luck, which we can improve and clear off bad karma by some healing techniques,  and the other earth luck is where there is a wide open opportunity to grow as much as you put effort.
Ki energy painting done on oil sketch paper is a representation of the ki exercises taught by our teacher and Reiki Grand Master. Size 19x12.5 Inches, year 2003. The energy source arises from our own organs, breast and genitals,  where through exercises when we activate this energy it is a great power source. Exercises for tapping this potential energy are taught to the Reiki channel.
The flow of energy from this source to the heart is what is represented in this painting. This is an abstract healing painting which can be used to activate the heart and sexual chakra. These two chakras are a source of abundant energy which can change the whole life of any individual. It is understood that we ourselves are a source of energy which is untapped and let of without using. Once we tap this source we feel energetic, lively and can attract abundance, happiness and prosperity.
Placement Tips - In feng shui any energy painting is best hanged on your south wall. But due to the spiritual energy emitted from this artwork this ki energy painting can be hung on any feng shui direction of your bedroom wall. This painting is best for bedrooms, study and private spaces , a place where you spend some quiet time with your self. The north east, for realizing self goal,  and south west for relationships , are also a preferable  direction for hanging this feng shui energy painting.


  1. well organized blog and really knowledgeable. Thanks for posting and i will keep follow you.
    Thanks buddy

  2. Thanks for the comment. and your beautiful web site on paintings, wish I could also be a part of this.


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