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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sacred Geometric Abstract Paintings in Water Colour 2003

Sacred geometry or spiritual geometry paintings or symbolic geometric paintings are a very specialized genre of art. Many spiritual healers use geometric shapes to represent balance, harmony and spirituality.Geometry has been an important part of my life as anspiritual healer and artist. healing through the perfect square for balance, the octad for bringing about perfection in any situation and the circle to represent the unending universe , the connection between heaven and earth. The year 2002 abstracts saw many geometric artworks and I continued to paint using water colours on paper. Since I was head strong on making art using the water colour technique making spiritual geometry was an enlightening experience.   
Geometric Abstract painting by Rizwana
I was often labelled as making squares and circles, that which small nursery children make and learn, being simple, thinking simple , drawing simple, yet I was fascinated with the shapes and their form. The circle with its complete wholeness was a shape  on which I have done plenty of paintings. It is sufficient for my whole life even if I go on and on painting the shapes will never be sufficient.  Though after years of spiritual geometry I have moved some what from these total sacred shapes to symbols that represent spirituality.
Geometric Abstract Paintign by Rizwana Mundewadi
These spiritual geometry paintings are done on paper usign water colours in size 8x11 Inches in year 2003. 17 paintings of sacred geometry in this series which formed the base for my sacred spirtual artworks later on in life..
Spiritual Geometry Painting by healing Artist
Sacred Geometry by healing Artist Rizwana

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