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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trees in my Paintings by Healing Artist Rizwana

Trees have been coming up in my paintings since the beginning of my career. I had done a  few pencil and pen sketches and at least has a tree painting in the series. For any spiritual person it is easy to understand the representation and symbolic significance of trees. Since many years artists from all genres have used tree symbol to depict different meanings through their art. I have used tree as a symbol of abundance and fulfillment of wishes.
Fruit trees are always attractive and the feeling of watching a fully laden fruit tree is appealing to everyone. Progressing from symbolic skecth to crayin tree and even the comb effect lines tree of healing I have used this very important and powerful symbol in my art pieces.

Tree of Symbols Canvas 13x17"2009 painting done in year 2009 is among the ones which have Chinese symbols used to depict various aspects of fulfillment of wishes. The tree of symbols is a beautiful canvas painting done using oil and acrylic paints. The colour French ultramarine and cobalt blue along with chrome green are spiritual colors that represent growth and abundance. Size 13x17 Inches.
Golden Fruit Tree - Water colour painting by healing artist
The golden fruit tree laden with fruits is a water colour painting done on paper.8x10.5 Inches.

Crayons used sketches done in early years also had few trees and the serene landscape below is done using crayons on paper. 8x10.5 Inches.

Crayon Sketch 'Tree' by Rizwana Mundewadi
Symbolic Painting by healing Artist
 Symbols and more symbols. This painting done on oil sketch paper is for good luck. the good luck painting has the vase of inexhaustible treasures along with the famous yin yang symbol to balance all energies.

Wish Fulfillment Tree- Oil painting on Oil sketch paper by Healing artist raz
Wish fulfillment tree- oil painting for healing and abundance. The good luck tree painting is very auspicious and lucky and can be hung in your bedroom to welcome great wealth and prosperity luck.

Pen Sketch Trees by Healing Artist raz
 Pen sketch of woods as in from of trees. I tried to use dots as in pointillism in few of my paintings after this sketch for study and these styles come up in many works as I cannot do only abstracts , to break the monotony of my brush strokes pointillism, cubism and abstracts along with majors in symbols my works span a variety of art styles.
Pencil Sketch Tree by Rizwana Mundewadi

Healing Tree- Oil painting by healing artist raz
Trees form an important part of nature and with the blessings of abundance my symbolic paintings are self explainatory and healing. The healing tree oil painting on oil sketch paper is an example of healing art that involves the viewer in the healing process. Your third eye is connected as you view the artwork and just viewing the original healing painting gives one immense connection to your spiritual self.

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