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Friday, March 16, 2012

Small Water Colour Study Paintings by Healing Artist

The year 2000 and 2001 was of very hard and with effortless energy painting. water colour is not my favourite medium but I still tried my hand at this in my early years of discovery. My artists journey began with oil paints and I have also used wall paint for my first painting having fallen short of tube paint! 'The Hibiscus flowers' year 2000.

Using water colour for painting was a challenge and though the paint flowed as any other medium I liked the thickness and solid feel of oil paints. the texture, the layering and the translucent form of this medium, oil paints, is what gives my paintings bright and fresh look.
The discovery of my style or rather I term an understanding of self, led me to use water colours and the strokes flowed like a waterfall gushing to break through a hard rock. The small artworks were actually to study different strokes and as of now I have tried to arrange them in groups and maybe some time later will have a few collages of all these small artworks. Yes it is very true that water colour gives you the freedom to experiment, to try different strokes and the beautiful layerings come up as transparent texture and flowy nature of the water and of course water colour is cheaper than the oil paints. So I painted and painted and there were so many paintings approximately 200 small water colour study paintings.

Water Study by Rizwana Mundewadi

Small water Colour Abstracts by healing Artist

Collage of Water Colour Abstract painting

Abstract small water colour paintings

Abstract water colour paintings
These strokes and lines and the brushes loaded with water colour all were done in efficient and confident and carefree strokes. In fact there is music which can be felt on observing these paintings. All these lines were there from the beginning but they had no meaning and symbolism for me and I was confused as to why I painted and what I painted. being a healing artist and doing Reiki had opened up several channels of which I was unaware and unconsciously the paintings coming up were planned by the higher force, that which I did not understand! the journey of an healing artist is difficult and very trying as we first have to conquer our own emotions, come to terms with the fact that we are to live according to the higher force and many times I feel trapped inside this body, and to follow this path. There were times when an artist goes on painting and nobody understands , and after more than a decade I do, well my early years were exactly this!

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