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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Line Series -Water Colour Paintings Year 2002

Lines and more Lines! Pencil , water colours and oil paints, everywhere lines dominated all my artworks. A dot becomes a line and a line gets form of shape and the rest is what we know as art, a master piece.
The journey was going on and water colours were used for making this series, rather it happened in the year 2002. 
Loading the brush with one colour and then with another and then again with another and lines made their own path.The smooth, dancing brush strokes that took form in this beautiful series of lines was another 100 or more of studies in water colour.
Symbolic Painting in water Colour by healing Artist
All these works have been arranged in a folder and are going to be a very important part of my artist career.

All water colour paintings done on A4 size white paper, 8x10.5 Inches and available for Rs. 10,000 for the whole lot of 100 paintings. These artworks are serene and also pulsate with energy, especially the ones that have more colours in them. There are also quiet a few that have symbolic importance as the images have come up on their own with spiritual meanings.

Lines- Series in Water Colour Paintings by Rizwana Mundewadi

Lines - Series in Water Colour by Rizwana

Water Colour Painting -Lines

Strokes- Lines By Rizwana Mundewadi

Lines in Water Colour

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