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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Abstract Flowers and Vases Paintings in Water Colour Year 2002 and 2003

Studying different strokes and using water colors led to many floral paintings. the loading of brush and movement of the brush led to many discoveries in painting with water colours. I use less water when doing painting with water colours as the effect becomes too light and sometimes after drying the painting looks dull and flat.

Abstract floral painting by healing artist

Vase in water colour

Bright yellow flowers painting in water colour

Water colour floral painting

Abstract flowers in water colour

Abstract flowers in water colour

Basket of Flowers in water colour painting

Purple flowers painting in water colour

Flowers in water Colour

Abstract painting of vase and flowers

Water Colour painting of flower in vase

Vase and flowers painting by rizwana

Fluorescent Orange flowers in Vase - floral Painting.

Abstract flower in water Colour painting

Abstract Vase and Flowers, painting in water colour

Abstract flowers painting in water colour by rizwana

Captivating Chrysanthemums, painting in water colour on paper

Abstract landscape Painting by Rizwana, water colour on paper

Abstract Flower in water Colour by Healing artist

Spiritual Fruit Tree - painting in water Colour

Floral painting in water Colour

Pink Flowers of Love- painting in water Colour

Flowers  painting in water Colour


  1. Luiza Vizoli beautiful artworks so many, and yes can feel the positive vibes from your just a simple soul
    , a long journey awaits me!

  2. Your flowers are enchanting and lovely. Beautiful and gorgeous works.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi,

    I have found your post, it is very nice and your idea is very creative. You have define the good use of Abstract Flowers and Vases Paintings in Water Colour, it is Abstract, Representational Symbolism and Geometric Cubism painting. Find the new art Abstract Flower Paintings collectors.

    1. Thanks Stewart for coming by my art blog Razarts.and for the lovely comments.

  5. your works are too good, nice website Stewart

  6. still planning on painting a few more floral artworks, nature never ceases to inspire us


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